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Lunch Order Cycle Time Project Storyboard Bahama Bistro Example

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1 Lunch Order Cycle Time Project Storyboard Bahama Bistro Example
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2 Executive Summary

3 Key Words (Specific to Bahama Bistro)
Order Lead Time: Total cycle time from the moment the customer places their order to the moment they receive their food. Lunch Time: Key lunch ordering hours from 11am to 2pm Customers: Business people and vacationers Packaging Process: All tasks related to placing food into take-out containers, selecting utensils, napkins and condiments and then placing them all into a bag Stock Items: All raw food items and food packaging items Condiments: Mini-bottles of hot sauce, limes, salt and pepper

4 Project Charter

5 VOC Translation Matrix
Key Take Away: Project needs to address overall Lead time which will impact customer wait time as well as food temperature

6 SIPOC – Lunch Order to Delivery
Key Take Away: The scope of this project goes from the point of receiving the lunch order to the point at which food is delivered or picked up

7 Data Collection Plan Key Take Away: Data collection was spread out among the staff and covered a 6-week period – Back-up help was provided for kitchen staff

8 Baseline Data –Lead Time
Order Lead Time Sandwich Order Lead Time Key Take Away: The baseline shows that for many orders, both the Order Lead Time and the Sandwich Order Lead time were well beyond the requirement.

9 Fishbone Diagram Key Take Away: Initial brainstorming indicates that packaging and wait staff might be potential root causes

10 5 Whys Key Take Away: Root Cause Analysis will focus on verifying how much packing layout and wait staff habits are impacting Order Lean Time

11 Hypothesis Confirmations
Histogram of Sandwich Prep Time Histogram of Cooking Time Key Take Away: Data shows sandwich prep takes up to 13 min., cook times are <20 min., prep area is issue & servers don’t delay orders

12 Impact Effort Matrix Key Take Away: The team left condiments out of the pick-up orders, switched vendors, labeled the bins and studied X-training options

13 Before & After Time Data
Order Lead Time – Before and After Sandwich Order Lead Time – Before and After Key Take Away: Implemented solutions significantly decreased both Sandwich and Order Lead Time

14 Risk Management Key Take Away: Having the vendor call to confirm quantities would lead to lower risk of running out of key menu items

15 Control Plan Key Take Away: The team chose a mix of process and output measure to monitor going forward

16 Monitoring & Response Plan
VO – The Monitoring plan should be meaningful and manageable. Collecting too many measure for a monitoring plan may discourage employees from doing it. Key Take Away: The monitoring plan factors in both the leading indicators of packaging and prep time along with the project “Y” of Order Lead Time

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