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Making an On-line Waste Pick-up Request using EHSAssistant.

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1 Making an On-line Waste Pick-up Request using EHSAssistant

2 Making a waste pick-up request All waste pickup requests are now on- line at Additional help is available by calling: (480)965-8554 Questions can be emailed to:

3 This is the new EH&S Webpage Click here to access the WASTE PICK-UP REQUEST and related items….

4 Click on this link

5 Sign in to MY ASU

6 Click here to enter a Pick-up Request

7 Enter your 10-digit ASU ID Number here

8 Click on Autofill or hit Enter

9 Your information appears here

10 Enter your PI information, whos lab is it? By… Clicking on this Information ICON for the list of PIs

11 Start typing the PIs last name here Click on Select when the proper name appears

12 The PIs information shows here

13 Enter the building and room (where the waste is located) click on this ICON

14 Your PI may have some locations listed on this screen – if your waste location is listed you can select it - if your location is not listed here, click on this button

15 Change the Starts with to Contains and start to enter your building name in the box until it appears in the list This screen will appear – we first need to pick our building

16 When your location appears, select it

17 Enter your room number here After you select the building the list of rooms in the building appears

18 Select

19 Enter an additional contact name and phone number (dont use the ICON)

20 Your information page is complete. This will become your default information, next time it will Autofill when you enter your ID number

21 Only add a comment on this page if it always applies Now its time to enter the pick-up details, click here

22 Choose the type of waste and the physical state (Universal waste is for batteries and light bulbs)

23 Indicate the amount in the container - this is not the size of the container but the number of units of measure in the container (1-gallon equals 1, and 1/2– gallon would equal.5) Use the drop down and click on unit of measure that best describes your waste

24 Enter the number of containers of this waste Choose the best description of the container

25 Enter the location of the waste Enter a comment (optional), this comment applies to this pickup only Enter the Tag Number of the waste bottle (found on the white waste tag)

26 Now you list the chemicals that make up your waste – this information should already be on your waste tag – if it helps, you can tear off the white copy of the waste tag and use it, we dont need it.

27 One way to add chemicals is to type in the name of the chemical – like Methanol

28 Adjust the percentage to reflect how much of this item (methanol) is in the mixture Click on Attach to put it in container

29 The first item is now in the container

30 Another way to enter chemicals is to pick them from a list – click on this ICON

31 On this page were only going to use this line (the other lines are reserved for future use or other functions)

32 Check here

33 Change this to Chemical description

34 For our use we will use Starts with

35 Were looking for Methylene Chloride so we simply enter Methylene And click SHOW

36 We get a list of chemicals Starting with Methylene Select the best one and click on it

37 Our choice from the list appears here Adjust the percentage to show how much methylene chloride is in the this waste Then Attach it

38 Both items are in the container but we still need to account for the remaining 30%

39 In this example out last item is Acetone – we enter it just like we did for the Methanol and click on Attach

40 This waste stream is 100% complete Submit it

41 If you have another waste stream from the same location, click here If youre done, click here

42 This is the pick-up summary page, check your information to make sure its all there and correct

43 Another chance to add another waste from this location – just click here To add a waste from another location (same PI same generator) – click here

44 If youre done, simply log off


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