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Mrs. Michel’s English I Class

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1 Mrs. Michel’s English I Class
Where I Stand Essay Mrs. Michel’s English I Class

2 Where I Stand A genre exchange project

3 Directions: Your essay should be a minimum of eight paragraphs.

4 Each of the eight paragraphs has its own topic!

5 A tip for good writing: Stay focused on your topic in each paragraph

6 A few more hints: Begin each paragraph with the prompt and then elaborate on that idea for at least five sentences. Use vivid verbs!

7 Process for writing Brainstorm (pre-write) Outline
First two steps: Last two steps: Brainstorm (pre-write) Outline Rough drafts (including peer editing and teacher conference) Final copy

8 Paragraph Topics For your essay…

9 I am . . . This is where you get the chance to introduce yourself to your reader. Tell him/her anything interesting, like how old you are, where you grew up, and about your family

10 I love . . . This is where you tell your reader about something or someone you love. Explain what makes him or her loveable and special or detail your favorite food by using your senses.

11 I believe… This is where you pick something you believe in more than anything else. It might be a religion, social issue, or a quote and then tell your reader why.

12 I do not like… Please do not give any real names of friends, enemies, or teachers here. You can talk about people by using a fake name but NO REAL NAMES! This really should go beyond people; think of subjects in school, chores, or maybe even something political that you don’t like.

13 I want . . . Tell your reader what you want either from life or maybe for your birthday or maybe Christmas. Describe what you want by using your senses if it is tangible.

14 I have Tell your reader about something that you have that you are proud of and want your reader to know more about. Explain to your reader why it is important to you. It might be something tangible, a skill you have, etc.

15 I prefer . . . Tell your reader about a preference you have, whether it be clothes, subjects in school, or anything else that matters to you. Explain what qualities make that thing special.

16 The last paragraph is your conclusion
Conclusion paragraphs summarize what you have said in each of your other paragraphs. Here you also wrap up your thoughts.

17 Your rough drafts are due by TUESDAY.
Rough Draft: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 Final Draft: Tuesday, September 6, 2011

18 Outlining: On the back of your essay sheet.

19 Think of what would work for each paragraph.
Then work on your outline.

20 Sample Introduction I am Mrs. Michel a) I was born in 1983 in Charleston, SC b) My parents got divorced when I was young c) I have a half sister d) Both of my parents got along and lived in the same city e) I have a fun, diverse family

21 Paragraph 2 I love working on my house - I got my house in It needed a lot of work - Work I’ve done: electric, walls, painting, floors, deck, landscaping, etc. - Work I have left to do: workshop, backyard, etc.

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