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Change from the bottom up

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1 Change from the bottom up
Foundation programme sharing event 2013 – Break out presentation Change from the bottom up Dr Asher Steene FY1 Luton and Dunstable Hospital

2 Overview Patient death – case study Immediate response Further study
In-depth response Future work

3 Case study

4 Immediate response Early patient return / contact with specialist centre Advice to patients / GP Telephone advice


6 Further study Support from consultants
24/7 on call cover for bariatrics Freedom to continue project with senior oversight How often does this happen and we don’t hear about it? What happens when the patient calls the obesity centre and speaks to the receptionist/nurse/dietician/secretary

7 Audit results Follow-up clinic questionnaire Telephone audit

8 In depth response Triage algorithm/record Patient information material





13 Future work Re-audit Roll out LDH system to other hospitals

14 Thanks Luton and Dunstable Bariatric Centre
Louise Moran – Obesity Specialist Nurse The Bariatric consultants for providing oversight and input but also let me get on with running and developing this project day-to-day

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