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2012 Business Guidelines for Association Membership

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1 2012 Business Guidelines for Association Membership
1/1/2012 CA1516

2 2012 Business Guidelines Available packages include:
$10 per month “ACCESS” $30 per month “LIBERTY” $28 per month “INDEPENDENCE” - Single $40 per month “INDEPENDENCE” – Family PLEASE NOTE: 2011 Membership applications received after January 6, 2012 will not be processed and will be returned to the FSR. 1/1/2012

3 2012 Business Guidelines Cancellations and Refunds:
Individual Memberships: FSR’s cannot cancel membership on behalf of a member, unless application is still in New Business. Membership application states “Monies collected prior to cancellation are non -refundable”, however; as a courtesy, AFS will process a full refund for an Individual membership only IF a member contacts the Association to cancel within the first 30 days of membership and requests a refund and IF no benefits have been utilized. Cancellation outside the first 30 days, monies collected prior to cancellation are not refundable. Group Memberships: Membership applications state “Monies collected prior to cancellation are non refundable”, however; as a courtesy, Memberships within a Group may be cancelled within three (3) business days from the date the application is signed. The FSR or authorized Group Representative may contact AFS within these three days to cancel. If the memberships have not yet been processed, they will be pulled from the New Business department upon receipt and the FSR will be notified via of the cancellation while in New Business. Cancellation outside the three business days from date signed, monies collected prior to cancellation are not refundable. There is NOT a 30 day “free look” period on group memberships. 1/1/2012

4 2012 Business Guidelines Please use the Membership Start Date to select the Effective Date of Membership. Effective Date: The first 30 days of membership begins on the requested Membership Start Date. The membership will become effective the day it is keyed, unless a specified Membership Start Date is requested. A Membership Start Date of 60 days or more in the future from date received will not be processed and will be returned to the FSR. A Membership Start Date cannot be prior to the date an application is signed. Applications signed/dated 35 days or more in the past from the date of receipt will not be processed and will be returned to the FSR. All applications are available at in the FSR area. Please make sure you use the correct application for membership. Using an incorrect application will result in the application not being processed and returned to the FSR. 1/1/2012

5 2012 Business Guidelines Check List:
2012 Membership Application filled out, dated and signed Payment attached by either: Check or Money Order payable to AFS 2012 AFS Credit Card Authorization Form Automatic Payment Authorization section of membership application filled out, signed and dated if draft selected for either Initial or Ongoing Payments If Group Sale, submit applications with required Group Sales Form (revised as of 1/20/2011) filled out, signed and dated by Payor. If Same Household Sale, submit applications with a Same Household Form (updated 1/11) 1/1/2012

6 2012 Business Guidelines Group Memberships: The Group Sales Form is required for Group sales and must be submitted with membership applications. If five (5) or more memberships are sold to a Group only five (5) fees are required. More members can be added to Groups at a later date and additional fees will be waived. The Group Sales Form is posted in the FSR area of There is a three (3) business day “free look” for Group Memberships from the date the applications are signed. Outside these 3 days, all monies collected prior to cancellation are non refundable. There is NOT a 30 day “free look” period. Same Household sold at point of sale, only one fee is required. Same Household is defined as Primary Member, Spouse and dependent children up to age 24 if full time student. Please use the Same Household Form to ensure accurate processing. The Same Household Sales Form is posted in the FSR area of 1/1/2012

7 2012 Business Guidelines Reasons membership applications are returned:
Bank authorization not signed by Payor, if draft selected Check or Money Order not made payable to AFS Application written for Primary Member under age 18 Incorrect/Wrong Application, using prior years applications Duplicate Membership in Primary Member Name Missing Group Sales form Missing information on Application: ● incomplete address ● missing signatures ● incorrect dollar amount submitted 1/1/2012

8 2012 Business Guidelines Initial Payment can be made by Automatic Draft: The initial payment made by an automatic draft will be processed immediately upon receipt of application. In order to ensure that your business is processed quickly and correctly, we suggest the following: Please include copy of voided check Please be sure to select an “Ongoing Payment Option”. If left blank, Ongoing Payments will default to automatic draft NOTE: Banking information provided for Initial and Ongoing payments cannot belong to a Field Service Representative. Checks are deposited immediately. The Association will not hold checks. They are deposited upon receipt. Checks must be made payable to AFS Personal Checks, Business Checks and Money Orders will be accepted for payment of membership. (A personal check from the Field Service Representative will not be accepted for payment on behalf of a member.) Credit Card Payments are charged immediately and will be accepted for: MasterCard and VISA Initial Payment Direct Bill Quarterly or Annual Preferred Draft Day: If Draft payment option is selected, the day of the month for ongoing drafts will be based upon the selected Membership Start Date. (example: Membership Start Date of 1/15/2012 will result in the first draft occurring ON/OR ABOUT 2/15/2012) 1/1/2012

9 2012 Business Guidelines Reinstates: A new membership cannot be keyed unless the existing membership has been expired at least 90 days. Should a Member choose to reinstate their existing membership ID#, they may do so within 180 days (6 months) of expiration on currently marketed levels. Closed levels can only be reinstated within 35 days of expiration. Reinstate requests must be in writing from the member. After expiration, a new membership must be purchased and a membership fee will be required. Dependent eligibility status: If the member can claim the dependent on the federal tax return, they are considered an eligible dependent for association benefits. Domestic Partner eligibility status: Partner is considered a spouse if member files federal income tax as “married status” with Partner. The Association does not verify eligibility status on benefits. Each vendor has the responsibility and right upon claims submitted against a benefit to honor or deny service. 1/1/2012

10 2012 Business Guidelines Should members wish to cancel the Association Membership they must contact AFS directly. AFS Phone: 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. CT, Monday-Friday use the “Contact” link on Mail: P.O. Box Irving, TX FAX: 1/1/2012

11 2012 Business Guidelines Membership Materials:
A New Member Kit (Benefit Guide, Member Cards, and Key Fob Cards) will be mailed to member within 10 business days of selected effective date. Access members do not receive a New Member Kit. Temporary Membership ID cards are also sent via to all members when application is processed and are available online in the Member Area of in the “My Account” section New Member Kit and Welcome s encourage benefit usage and provide information on how to access benefits Member cards are issued in the Primary Member name listed on application and can be used by the spouse and legal dependent(s), based on the benefits as outlined ID Cards and fulfillment materials for “upgrade options” purchased will be sent separately by the vendor(s) 1/1/2012

12 2012 Business Guidelines Association FSR Help Line
AFS has established a toll-free help line, which is open to any FSR who has member or benefit issues, questions or suggestions. The number to call is between the hours of 7:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. CT, Monday – Friday For New Business questions, please contact the Association New Business Department directly by calling from 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. CT, Monday – Friday You may also send an to: Remember, the FSR Help Line, New Business numbers and are for FSR use only. Please refer members to the main Association toll-free number or the “Contact Us” link on 1/1/2012

13 2012 Business Guidelines FSR Tools available at
The FSR Area is full of tools to help FSRs market the Association Membership. Some of the tools available are: Membership Applications Group Sales and Same Household Forms Vendor-Approved Marketing Materials Sample Materials FSR Press Release Library Trade Show Kit Order Forms New Business Guidelines FSR Membership Change Forms FSRs also receive the monthly member e-letter highlighting Association benefits and special offerings. 1/1/2012

14 2012 Business Guidelines All new FSRs receive a complimentary Access membership for as long as the FSR remains active and in good standing with Insphere. FSRs may upgrade to the following memberships at special FSR discounted rates: a) Independence Family - $15.60 per month b) Independence Single - $14.00 per month c) Liberty - $14.40 per month Refer to the FSR area of the AFS Web site ( to download the 2012 FSR Membership Change Form. 1/1/2012

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