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Hindu gods.

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1 Hindu gods

2 Lord Brahma The Creator He is the first part of the divine trinity
Bearded, four-headed, four-armed deity Created from Vishnu’s navel Ride on a swan There are no temples for him

3 Lord Vishnu The Preserver He is the second of the divine trinity
Depicted as a human with four arms Stands on a thousand-headed snake, Ananta He has a blue body He holds a conch shell, a wheel, a mace and a lotus

4 Lord Shiva The Destroyer The third in the divine trinity
God of death and reincarnation He sustains through a balance between opposing forces of good and evil Body is naked, covered in ashes Three eyes, all half open Snake coiled three times around his neck Trident

5 Lord Ganesha Removed obstacles and ensures success
Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Elephant head Trunk and two tusks Elephant Eyes Four Arms Human body with a BIG BELLY! Mouse and the treats

6 Goddess Durga Divine mother Consort of Shiva and also known as Parvati
Multiple arms Red clothes Riding a tiger Many weapons Adored by married women for a happy marriage

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