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Top facts you need to know about newsbrands

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1 Top facts you need to know about newsbrands

2 47.5 Newsbrands reach million adults in the UK That’s more than
Source: NRS PADD Apr 2016 – Mar 2017

3 across all platforms… Newspapers 31.4 million Desktop & PCs
Mobile 37.4 million Newsbrands 47.5 million Source: NRS PADD Jul 2016 – Jun 2017

4 And their reach is growing…
47.3m +9.2m 39.7m 38.1m +4.7m 33.4m NRS Jan-Dec 2007 NRS PADD Jan-Dec 2016 Print Reach PC adds to print Reach phone/tablet adds to print and PC

5 They reach 97% of all millennials
That’s just under 14 million 18-34s every month Source: NRS PADD July 16 – Jun 17

6 Readers spend a significant amount of time with their newsbrand of choice
Newspapers 1 hour 10 minutes Tablet 55 minutes Smartphone 54 minutes Desktop 50 minutes Sunday newspapers 1 hour 21 minutes (read on a Sunday) Time spent reading newsbrands on the days people read Source: IPA TouchPoints 2017

7 Newsbrands command not only time, but attention as well
Solus media usage Multiple media usage x high focus Source: Newsworks – The battle for attention, 2016

8 Newsbrands deliver results
Adding newspapers to your campaign boosts ROI by times on average Source: Benchmarketing/BrandScience Results Vault,

9 … across many sectors Adding newspapers to a retail campaign increases effectiveness by 2.8 times Adding newspapers to an automotive campaign increases effectiveness by +71% Adding newspapers to a finance campaign increases effectiveness by 5.7 times Adding newspapers to a travel campaign boosts effectiveness by 3 times Adding newspapers to a FMCG campaign increases effectiveness by +20% Source: Benchmarketing/BrandScience Results Vault,

10 They make other media more effective
Using digital newsbrands boosts print ROI by up to 5 times Newspapers make TV twice as effective and online display four times more effective Source: Benchmarketing/BrandScience Results Vault,

11 % reporting very large effects
And it’s not just ROI – Multi-platform newsbrands impact all business metrics sales market share price sensitivity loyalty customer acquisition profit Print + digital newsbrand users Non-users % reporting very large effects Source: IPA Databank case studies

12 They make other media work harder
Newsbrands boost the effectiveness of TV +65% Vs TV with no newsbrands Source: IPA Databank case studies

13 And boost the business effectiveness of other digital media
+53% +118% Vs online display with no newsbrands Vs social media with no newsbrands Source: IPA Databank case studies

14 The roles newsbrands play
What roles can newsbrands play in the modern media mix? Using learnings from around the industry we have synthesised the job for communications into five core routes. In the age of storytelling, newsbrands play a key role in delivering outcomes against all five core routes. Fame & stature Prompt action Education & understanding Build trust Address an issue Newsbrands create the sense of a brand having momentum; of being an important brand that commands attention Newsbrands cause consumer action, directly or indirectly impacting sales Newsbrands deepen consumer understanding of what a product, brand or company is or does Newsbrand advertising acts to consolidate or develop a brand’s reputation Newsbrands are effective for brands that need to focus on a specific issue or event


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