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Contact Norton Support Canada for Firewall Issues.

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1 Contact Norton Support Canada for Firewall Issues

2 If you think you are smarter than cyber threats, think again
If you think you are smarter than cyber threats, think again. You may think that you have outsmarted them just because you are avoiding uncertain websites or being careful in trusting sites that ask for your confidential information.

3 Continue….. But remember that internet crooks are smarter because victimizing computer and internet users is the only thing they do. They have ways on how they can breach your system or find holes by which they can enter your system. The only way you can be smarter is to get the best antivirus and security software installed in your computer such as the Norton antivirus software.

4 Continue….. This popular antivirus software is not only a potent virus detector and killer but also works to make sure there are no unpatched holes that can make cyber threats easily worm their way into your system.

5 Continue….. This is through the software’s very strong firewall security. But how about if this firewall is having technical troubles? Will it still be able to provide security to your computer? It can, if you contact Norton Antivirus Support Canada for help.

6 Using Norton Phone Number to Fix Firewall Problems
When you have a Norton antivirus installed in your computer, it has a strong firewall security that may sometimes cause problems when you use the internet. This could disallow you to avail of certain services you need like , etc. and even prevent you from using some hardware devices easily and successfully.

7 Continue….. Make that simple call using Norton Support Number Canada and the experts can help you with this issue by fixing your firewall, activate and configure your firewall, as well as giving your PC blocking and protection abilities. They will never put the phone down until you get the solution that you need or until they are able to troubleshoot your Norton firewall issues.

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