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Dr. Ruth Newberry February 16, 2015

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1 Dr. Ruth Newberry February 16, 2015
Lakeland Community College and Blackboard Outcomes: Webinar #1 – Project Overview and Outcomes Demonstration Dr. Ruth Newberry February 16, 2015

2 Agenda Getting Re-acquainted Review Project Timeline
Demonstration of Outcomes System Q& A Next Steps -- Pilot Planning

3 Blackboard Team Account Manager: Maria Cvitkovic
Project Manager: Marcelo Mendes Consultant: Ruth Newberry, PhD, Senior Consulting Specialist Laura J. Little, Ed.D. Senior Implementation Consultant Director, Client Services: Tom Guckenberg, PhD

4 Lakeland Community College
Rick Penny Bill Knapp Corrie Bergeron Nan Klenk Deborah L. Hardy Lynne Gabriel Kathleen A. Gravens Deborah M. Bordonaro Diana Monasky

5 Project Timeline & Overview

6 Outcomes Assessment Engagement Stages
Discovery & Planning Understand Institution’s Assessment Structure & Objectives Discuss Goals & Rubrics & Assessment Processes Identify & Plan Initial Programs to Implement Onsite Meetings & Outcomes Setup Setup Outcomes Processes Goals & Rubrics Alignments Evidence Collection Collection Process Deliver Courses Students Submit Work Artifacts Collected Evaluation Artifacts sampled & evaluated Analysis & Reporting Produce Reports Make Adjustments Prepare for second cycle & new programs

7 Spring 2015 Activities Goals & Rubrics Courses, Assignments, Alignments ONSITE Evidence Collection & Processing Evaluation Analysis & Reporting (Remote Sessions) Identify Initial Programs for implementing Outcomes; construct foundation Onsite discussions help us implement initial Outcomes programs to construct foundation and identify processes for future use of Outcomes

8 Dates Outcomes Events Communication
Jan 26 Kick-off Call Collaborate (1 1/2 hour) 2/16 Outcomes Demonstration Project Timeline Project Scope Building Outcomes Foundation – initial programs 3/18 Current Assessment Processes & Defining Initial Implementation Review Lakelands Assessment Processes & Structure & Cycle & Reports Used and Needed Possible Programs for Implementation General Education & Academic Programs What Learning Outcomes or Goals to assess? Current Evaluation Process Planning Onsite Agenda / SAVE THE DATE March Outcomes Building Block Validation Possible Mtgs w/Programs Defining the Pilot – What Courses & Assignments Evaluation Processes 4/17 Finalize Onsite Agenda Opening Forum Meetings w/ Program & Faculty Involved Bb Team / Technical Support Collaborate (1 hour) April 28, 29, & 30th Onsite Consultation w/Initial Programs, Configure Outcomes Hands-On Bb Team Onsite Visit April / May Artifact Collection Remote Sessions May-June Artifact Sampling & Evaluation, Interpretation, & Action Plan Development Project Implementation Review /Knowledge Transfer I’ve drafted our timeline in a little more detail given what we discussed on our last call on August 18th and the dates we’ve selected for the on-site. I’ll send this to you as a follow-up to today’s call. At the end of this session, we’ll discuss these next steps in more detail

9 Lakeland Project Objective
Automate collection and evaluation of direct evidence Automate rubric scoring and generate reports Leverage current curriculum mapping in TaskStream Signature assignments Learning Goals & Assessment Rubrics created Build foundation for future use of Outcomes Identify processes and guidelines for on-boarding programs Select initial “programs” for implementation Full implementation of Outcomes can be 3 to 5 years

10 Outcomes Demonstration

11 Blackboard Outcomes Demonstration
Demonstrate program-level assessment Some Terminology Outcomes Goals = Program Student Learning Outcomes Outcomes Rubrics = Assessment Rubrics (i.e., AAC&U Value Rubrics) Outcomes Evidence = Direct Evidence (student work) Outcomes Evaluations = Scoring Assessment Rubrics Outcomes Reports = Aggregated Reports from Scored Assessment Rubrics

12 Outcomes Program Level Assessment Process
Enter Program Learning (Outcomes) Goals Align Course Assignment to Goals Collect Direct Evidence (Student Submissions) Enter Program-level Assessment Rubrics Create Evaluation Sessions for Scoring Direct Evidence Generate (Aggregated) Reports from Scored Rubrics Hand off Reports to Programs to Make Improvements

13 Blackboard Outcomes Demonstration
Application Share

14 Defining the Programs for Outcomes Implementation

15 Initial Program Implementation
Recommended Initial Programs: Institutional CORE Student Learning Outcomes General Education = Program 1 to 2 student learning outcomes (i.e., written communication, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, etc.) Assess most mature student work when possible End of term evaluation of artifacts by faculty teams 1 to 2 Disciplines =NURSING 1 to 2 Program level learning outcomes

16 Next Steps Webinar #2 – March 18th Defining Initial Outcomes Implementation Lakeland will present on its Current Assessment Process & Structure Reports & Data Needs Discuss /Define Potential “Programs” to be assessed Which Student Learning Outcomes? What will be the scope of courses / direct evidence? What is the Status Assessment Rubrics? What is the current assessment process used by programs? Outcomes Building Block Validation Task

17 Blackboard Systems Overview
Self-hosted Production Staging Test Learn Version April 2014, Cumulative Patch 2 New Server migrated from 2012 forward Other systems Content Just starting Portfolios Community – Yes, but not social; do not use Terms or Inst Hierarchy Course Life Cycle Course Creation Master Courses / Templates Content Migration? Video Capture?

18 Questions??? Thank you

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