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Different Types of Residential Buildings

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1 Different Types of Residential Buildings

2 There are several types of the Residential Buildings in the country
In India, it may happen that the residential units and their specific names may not be paid attention with such an emphasis, but in a deeper way, if you consider the classification of the Residential Buildings, they are classified into several types. These are Single Family Home, Duplex, Apartment Buildings, condominium, Townhouse and Villa.

3 Single Family Home Built on the single lot and thus have no separation walls. It is a free standing Residential building for the family. It is meant for the single family.

4 Duplex It is the residential way of living in the Apartments, which have the separate Entrance for two households. These features a two storey houses having a complete apartment on each floor In fact the term between the duplex and apartment is so interchangeably used, the actual difference between the both has completely got blurred.

5 Apartment Buildings Numerous Buildings at a single place.
These contains many triplexes and even feature four unit Buildings. Thus, we can actually say that the residing in a single flat among several such flats which are contained in a single unit are called as Apartment Buildings.

6 Condominium It may be defined as the building or a complex of buildings, where number of individually owned houses are present. Here, the Condominium owners hold sole title to the whole Condo , but owns land and other features like Lifts, stairs and many others with the other unit owners.

7 Townhouse Townhouse is the sort of big residential units, where several individual families live. In thus type, each owner pay their own taxes, and carry all the maintenance on their own. Thus, we can say that the Town houses are the sort of the hybrid Structures of the Single Family Homes and Condominium.

8 Villa Villa is a sort of large country house, featuring a farmhouse and residential units along with several other features. These are built on own land. These are upper class Residential Buildings and generally feature all kinds of the facilities.

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