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What is a MONOLOGUE?.

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1 What is a MONOLOGUE?

2 In theatre, a monologue is a speech presented by a single character, most often to express their mental thoughts aloud, though sometimes also to directly address another character or the audience.

The purpose of a monologue is to convey important information to the audience that will be needed to understand the overall storyline. This information is called exposition.

4 (A popular tool used by Shakespeare.)
TYPES OF MONOLOGUES A direct monologue is when a character recognizes that an audience is present and speaks to them directly. An indirect monologue occurs when a character speaks to another character on stage without recognizing the presence of an audience. A soliloquy is when a character speaks their inner most thoughts out loud as if there is no one there to hear them. (A popular tool used by Shakespeare.)

5 The key to good acting is making

6 The only WRONG CHOICE an actor can make is to make NO CHOICE at all.
There are no right or wrong choices. There are only good choices and better choices The only WRONG CHOICE an actor can make is to make NO CHOICE at all.

7 THE CHOICES YOU MAKE The choices an actor makes about a character and a scene are too numerous to count. However, There are some common choices that are most important. WHAT IS THE SITUATIONS? Where is the actor…who are they talking to… why are they saying what they are saying. WHAT IS THE CHARACTER FEELING? WHAT DOES THE CHARACTER WANT? HOW WILL THE CHARACTER GET WHAT THEY WANT? WHAT DOES THE CHARACTER GET OR ACCOMPLISH?

8 SAMPLE MONOLOGUE LOUIS is a picky eater. He only eats hot dogs. He’s over at his friend Jack’s house, and Jack’s mom, Mrs. Jones, doesn’t have any hot dogs. No, I’m sorry, Mrs. Jones, I don’t eat that. I only eat hot dogs. You don’t have hot dogs? Oh. Well, maybe I should go home then. That’s all I eat. Hot dogs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes I eat to or three instead of just one. My mom says I’ll grow out of it someday. I doubt it. I love hot dogs. My little sister is worse. She only eats chicken soup. She sticks her pigtails in the soup and sucks it out of her hair. It’s disgusting. Well, tell Jack I’ll see him later. I’ve got to go home and have a few hot dogs. I think it’s a three-hot-dog day. See you later, Mrs. Jones!

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