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Computer troubleshooting

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1 Computer troubleshooting
Unit 8 1 day; no test. Combined with Unit 9

2 Objectives Describe the troubleshooting steps
Describe symptoms of problems with hardware components & software Identify common solutions to problems with peripheral devices

3 Troubleshooting Steps
Identify the problem (What’s the problem?) Check Basic Solutions Cables plugged in, just restart it, out of ink Research for help & support Internet, boards, tech support site Talk to a technician & follow their instructions Confirm it’s fixed Document problem/solution

4 Troubleshooting Examples
PROBLEM: Hard drive makes unusual sounds Cause & Solution? PROBLEM: Computer does not start at all Cause & Solution? PROBLEM: Beeps during POST Cause & Solution? PROBLEM: Newly installed software doesn’t start Cause & Solution? PROBLEM: OS does not start or starts and freezes Cause & Solution? 1: Cause- files failed to load; Solution- restart PC, update OS 2: Cause- corrupt or missing files; Solution- uninstall & then reinstall software 3: Cause- possible CPU, RAM, or Video card error; Solution- check for proper install or damage 4: Cause- dropped or ready for failure; Solution- backup data ASAP and replace 5: Cause- might not be plugged in, bad power supply, bad motherboard; Solution- check cable, check outlet, replace PSU or Mobo

5 Troubleshooting Scenarios- Check the basics
The entire computer has completely frozen up. I can't click anywhere on the screen. I can't even use the Start button to shut it down. Ctrl + Alt + Delete I press print & the printer does not respond at all. Check the cables; what other solutions?

6 Other Things To Do Check all cables Update or reinstall driver Restart
Restart in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking Only basic drivers load Great for startup problems & removing viruses Boot into Safe Mode Windows 10

7 Review When troubleshooting, what would a basic solution be?
Checking the cables to see if they’re plugged in What is the last step in troubleshooting? Document the problem/solution T or F. When you have a problem, you should contact tech support immediately. False

8 Computer troubleshooting
Unit 8 1 day; no test. Combined with Unit 9

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