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Refresher Day for ARIES Facilitators Mid West Aries Project

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1 Refresher Day for ARIES Facilitators Mid West Aries Project
Monday 12th December 2016 Aoife Boland - Peer Educator Dan Taylor – Ed. & Dev. Officer

2 Welcome, please review our group agreement

3 Plan for Today 10.00-10.05 Group agreement
Brief overview of plan for the day Dates and Venues for Workshops in January 2017 ARIES Module “What is Recovery?” ARIES Module “Understanding Mental Health Services” BREAK ARIES Module “Advocacy and Empowerment” ARIES Module “Diagnosis and Beyond” LUNCH Payments Boundaries in Facilitation BREAK Co-Production session: Connectedness, Hope, Identity, Meaning, Empowerment. (C.H.I.M.E.) Next steps Reflection on the day & closing

4 Aim(s) To Refresh learners’ knowledge, skills and confidence in facilitating ARIES workshops.

5 Dates & Venues for January 2017
Tuesday 10th January 2-5pm Chapel Lane Community Centre, Ennis Wednesday 11th January 2-5pm St. Joseph’s Hospital, Limerick Tuesday 17th January 6-9pm Chapel Lane Community Centre, Ennis Wednesday 18th January 2-5pm St. Joseph’s Hospital, Limerick Aras Follain, Nenagh: Two dates tbc

6 Overview of ARIES Workshops
3 hours Interactive workshop Discussion, not direction “A conversation with a shape” Group work, discussion, observation, reflection, feedback, creativity

7 Overview of Module: What is Recovery?
Understand different views on Recovery Inside and Outside factors in Recovery Think about individual Recovery Barriers to Recovery and ways to overcome them What Recovery means to me and tools to help me in Recovery

8 Overview of Module: Understanding Mental Health Services
What are the mental health services? How do they work? Who works there? What other services are available? How to get the best from them?


10 Overview of Module: Advocacy & Empowerment
Empowerment and Disempowerment Empowerment for all What is Advocacy? Advocacy and Rights Self –advocacy and Recovery

11 Overview of Module: Diagnosis & Beyond
What is a Diagnosis? How is a Diagnosis made? How will Diagnosis affect my treatment? What’s it like to be Diagnosed? What does Diagnosis mean for Recovery?

12 Lunchtime

13 Payments Payments: €26.07 per hour for 3-hour courses
We are a pilot project and there is a limited budget for payments You choose whether to be paid or not If you are on a Social Welfare payment, there is guidance from the HSE on how to manage your payments from ARIES (see document)

14 Delivering a Module Organising venue: Aoife & Dan
Arranging dates: Aoife & Dan- dependent on your availability Booking places: Aoife & Dan Providing flipchart, paper, pens, handouts, laptop, projector, etc: Aoife & Dan Delivering workshop, collecting feedback sheets & materials: You

15 Boundaries and Safety in Facilitation
Work in 3’s Let each other know what time you’re arriving: Arrive together, stay together, leave together Park safely Charge phone or bring charger I.C.E. Contact Use break to check-in with group and each other Mind yourself: Personal safety #1 Only share ARIES contact telephone or


17 ARIES Co-Production: C.H.I.M.E.
Connectedness Hope Identity Meaning Empowerment 1. What do these mean in your life? 2. What do these mean in your Recovery? 3. What do you want people to know about these, to assist them in their own Recovery?

18 Next Steps Agree facilitators for Workshops Await Garda Vetting
Develop Area Teams Next training: ½ Day


20 Thank you!

21 Contact us Daniel Taylor, Education & Development Officer
Aoife Boland, Peer Educator ARIES Project ARI Mid West Project Office St Joseph's Hospital Mulgrave Street Limerick

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