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2 Water Leaks Homeowners can live in their homes for a long period of timebefore discovering a minor leak in the water pipes in the walls.  However, these leaks can cause major damage!  These hidden problems can increase your water bill, cause mold and even damage the foundation of your home!  If you think you have a leak in your water line, call Discount Plumbing immediately! Galvanized pipes can rust and cause extensive problemsrelated to water quality as well as pressure.  If you are noticing an orange tinge and reduced water pressure then it is highly likely you have rust in your water pipes.  Call one of customer service representatives at today to setup your free estimate!

3 Water Quality Testing Water Quality Protect Your Family, Guests & Home
The average American uses 50 to 100 gallons of water per day and there is a surprising connection between the quality of our water and healthful longevity. There are many health benefits of increasing the amount and quality of the water we drink. All over the world and throughout time, wherever you find the healthiest, most contaminant-free water, you find the healthiest, most vibrant civilizations. Water Quality Testing We test your water for a number of contaminates based on the EPA and California standards for public drinking water and our own experience in solving water problems since 1999.

4 Clogged Drains Everyone knows that a clogged drain will cause a sinking feeling when water starts rising in the tub, shower or sink and just won’t go down.  While most people will grab a chemical drain cleaner to “unplug” the drain, this can actually further damage your pipes!  Before you pour a corrosive chemical down your clogged drain, call Discount Plumbing instead! Our Clogged Drain Services At Discount Plumbing, we’ve seen all kinds of clogged drains.  Let’s face it, there aren’t many things which will frustrate you more than a clogged or slow drain in your kitchen or bathroom!  That’s why we offer fast, full service drain cleaning, 7 days a week throughout the Modesto, Tracy and Stockton areas.  Call us today if you have: Clogged bathroom sinks Clogged tub drains Clogged kitchen sinks Clogged garbage disposals Clogged sewer lines Slow drains

5 Tree Root Intrusion Tree root intrusion is a fancy way of saying that tree roots have gotten into your sewer line.  Root intrusion is one of the primary causes of clogs in your main sewer drain, and as a result the number one reason homeowners call for rooter service.  Homes built prior to the 1980’s will tend to have sewer lines that were made from clay, cast iron or other porous material that will crack, collapse or corrode due to age.  These are just a few of the ways that tree roots find their way into your pipes and become a problem for you. Our sewer line experts service Stanislaus County, Merced County, San Joaquin County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County and Santa Clara County.


7 Discount Plumbing Address:
787 Cottage Ave, Manteca, California, 95336, USA Telephone: Website:

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