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TEMS Parent Portal.

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1 TEMS Parent Portal

2 If you have not signed up for TEMS Parent Portal, please visit your child’s school for registration. If you have multiple children in Colquitt County Schools, please visit your oldest child’s school to register. You must bring a picture ID.

3 From the Colquitt County Home page, scroll down until you reach the TEMS Parent Portal icon.
Click the icon to reach the login screen.

4 To login to the Parent Portal, enter your username and password
To login to the Parent Portal, enter your username and password. Click Login. Be sure that the Parent Login icon is highlighted.

5 From the home screen you will see a welcome message and any district announcements.
You may also change your password if you would like to.

6 To change your password, click on the icon next to the house
To change your password, click on the icon next to the house. (home button)

7 A pop up window will appear where you will enter the current password and the password you would like to create. Then “click” Submit. You should see a message letting you know if the change was successful. Then close the window.

8 From the Parent Portal homepage, there are many options available.
Welcome to Colquitt County Schools Parent Portal. We are using a new student information system. Please be patient as we try to implement this system in the school year. For important announcements and scheduled events, please access From the Parent Portal homepage, there are many options available. General Message is a brief message from the school system. Today’s Announcements Alerts (available in a later release) Calendar Your child/children’s image or photo place holder. Parent Portal Menu on the left side of the screen.

9 Within the Parent menu there are also several options
Within the Parent menu there are also several options. We’ll look at each one separately. First, you’ll see the “Today at School” option which shows the home screen. You are utilizing this option when you log in. If you wish to return to the main screen, then select this option.

10 The next option within the Parent portal menu is Class Schedule.
The Class Schedule screen displays your student’s schedule. The program displays the Class Schedule screen that includes a grid with your student’s schedule information.

11 The Assignments screen displays your student’s assignments.
The next option …………….Assignments. The Assignments screen displays your student’s assignments. To View assignments 1. On the Parent menu, select the Assignments option. The program displays the Assignments screen. 2. Select an academic year from the Academic Year list. 3. Select a course from the Course list. 4. Select a grading period from the Grading Period list. 5. On the Actions drop down menu, click Search. The program will then display a grid with a list of assignments.

12 Also within the Assignments screen, parents may print off a PDF document list of the assignments.
Once you have the desired list of assignments displayed on your screen, click on the Actions drop down menu, and select Print PDF.

13 The next option is Attendance.
The Attendance screen displays your student’s attendance records. Please note that Elementary and Middle school take attendance once per day. CA Gray Junior high and CCHS take attendance for each period of the day so attendance at each of these schools will look different. Here is an example of daily attendance. Below is an example of an attendance screen with period attendance.

14 Discipline The discipline option displays a screen with your students discipline information.

15 Class Progress This screen displays current class progress with both the numerical and letter grade equivalent. Again, please note that elementary school s and WJ Williams have 9 week grading periods. CA Gray and CCHS both have an 18 week grade that combines with an End of Course Test (EOCT) or Final test grade before becoming the Final Semester grade.

16 Notifications In the future, this screen will allow parents to configure and receive notifications. *Although not currently functioning, parents should configure their within TEMS Parent Portal.

17 First, choose to edit the email address on file
*First, choose to edit the address on file. Then enter the appropriate new address in the blank. Once entered, click on the Submit option. The correct address should now appear as the address on file.

18 Now configure the email notifications …
*Choose one or more of the Notification check boxes. Select a frequency for the notification from the Frequency lists. For a specific grade notification, type in the numeric grade in the box where appropriate. Click Submit to save this information.

19 If you should have a problem with your Parent Portal account, please call 890-6237.

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