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Tips for Finding a Cheap Flight

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1 Tips for Finding a Cheap Flight

2 How to Find a Cheap Flight
Learn how lucky people save their time and money by finding cheap airfare.

3 What flight should you book?

4 Planning a trip somewhere and staying longer than a year before returning?
Buying a one-way ticket will save you a lot of money on your return flight.

5 If you’re not planning on spending a year or more …
Purchasing a round-trip ticket will always be the cheapest option for airfare.

6 Book airfare through a travel agency.
Travel agencies are very often offered flights at cheaper or discounted rates by the airlines.

7 Book a package deal that includes travel and lodging accommodations
Booking a package deal is often cheaper than booking the airfare or hotel separately.

8 You Could Call the Airlines
Sometimes it’s cheaper to purchase airfare directly from the airlines - but not in most cases.

9 Always check out your options
Always check out your options. You never know, just a few extra clicks on the web site or a simple phone call could save you a lot of money.

10 Search Travel Websites – It's FREE!
Search multiple travel sites and travel agencies to find the cheapest prices.

11 Alter your dates if your air travel is flexible.
Weekend flights are generally more expensive than mid-week flights.

12 There are no hard rules when it comes to purchasing airfare.
Do your homework and research to find the best deal for your next flight.

13 Visit our website for more tips on finding cheap air tickets…

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