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Brand Campaign “Raise Your Hand”

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1 Brand Campaign “Raise Your Hand”
Spring 2017

2 National 4-H Council Unified Brand Calendar
SEASONAL BRAND MOMENTS: Sept.-Oct. Nov.-Dec. Jan.-Feb. BACK-TO-SCHOOL Nat’l 4-H Week & NYSD END OF YEAR Digital Clover Activation NEW YEAR Healthy Living Summit March-June SPRING/GRADS 4-H Alumni Promotion: “Raise Your Hand” June-August SUMMER 4-H Alumni Promotion: “Share at the Fair” for 4-H Strategy Extend alumni promotion by targeting millions of 4-H alums and friends that attend or have memories of state and country fairs. One of 4-H’s most powerful and underutilized assets. Strategy Tap into alumni nostalgia for 4-H annual week tradition and leverage power of 4-H STEM as proof point of 4-H relevance and impact through NYSD to engage alumni moms during BTS season. Strategy Maximize 4-H alumni and friends giving during the largest online giving season of the year. Leverage iconic emblem (Clover) recognizable to millions of alums with direct donation storytelling. Strategy Capture attention and engagement of alums during seasonal moment where health and fitness is top of mind for the public and 4-H assets and opportunities can be maximized. Strategy Launch mass marketing alumni outreach effort leveraging seasonal moments (mom, dads and grads) 4-H spring events and an established unified campaign moment across system. (STEM Pillar Peak Activation ) . (Health Pillar Peak Activation ) . (Citizenship Pillar Peak Activation) . Each period anchored to campaign outcome (#TrueLeaders) and tagline (#4HGrowsHere)

3 Raise Your Hand Alumni Raise Their Hands To Empower Millions of Kids in Need 4-H is calling on 4-H alumni around the world to “raise their hands" and help empower the next generation of true leaders. There is great power in numbers. This Spring, millions of 4-H alumni around the world will have the opportunity to raise and join their hands to give more kids opportunities that grow skills to lead. March 1 – June 30, 2017

4 It’s Simple March 1 – June 30, we are asking 4-H alumni across America to support kids by raising their hand and paying it forward. It’s as simple as RAISE YOUR HAND Go to to raise your hand 1 SHARE YOUR JOURNEY Tweet, post or caption your 4-H experience photos to show 4-H pride and support with #4HGrown 2 #4HGrown 3 PAY IT FORWARD Tag other 4-H alumni asking them to raise their hand empowering more youth 4 COMPETE FOR YOUR STATE State with the most alumni hands raised gets $20K reward

5 Why It Works The strategy is research-backed to connect with alums
The activation is pilot tested and proven The marketing is aligned in the marketplace The system is well-practiced at competition promotions The assets are turnkey and customizable for partner & sponsor value

6 Activation Components
Legacy Awards 3/21 4-H Luminaries Group Launch/Speed Mentoring Event 3/21 4-H Conference 3/28 True Leaders in Service Signature Events Leaderboard competition Opportunity to win $20K in funding 2nd & 3rd place winners receive $10K and $5K in funding 4-H Competition Pro-bono media PR opportunities Corporate match Employee activation Social media activation Youth impact stories Expert series Strategic Partners Tool kit with customizable media materials Press release & strategic market pitching National & local pitching Feature stories & Op Eds Influencer spokespeople PR & Celebrity Blog series PSAs User generated content Influencer promotion Paid media Content & Imagery

7 A Campaign Asking Alumni to Pay it Forward

8 Raise Your Hand Creative: Print

9 Raise Your Hand Creative: Digital

10 True Leaders in Service
Month of Community Service Led by USDA and Extension / supported by National 4-H Council 4-H’ers, 4-H professionals, Extension and alumni pay it forward 4/4 moment to drive awareness of initiative promoted by National 4-H Council This is also an community service component to Raise Your Hand. Led by USDA and Extension, it is a month long of community service, where 4-Her’s, 4-H professionals, extension and alumni pay it forward and help others.

11 Available Assets to Help Facilitate
EDITORIAL PLACEMENT DONATED MEDIA AMPLIFICATION Campaign Overview Compelling Youth Leadership Stories Alumni Influencers :60, :30, :15 Television PSAs :60, :30, :15 Pre-roll Online Banners – Standard IAB Print Ads Customizable to Your Publications Raise Your Hand Social Media Kit & How To Kit Fundraiser Partner Campaign Overview Template Partner Employee Template

12 Key Milestones March 1: Kick off with digital activation & PSA placement March 21: Legacy Awards March 21: Power 50 Group launch/speed mentoring event March 28: National 4-H conference promotion April 1-30: 4 for 4-H (month long community service) April 4: 4-H Council awareness activation June 30: Announce state winner


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