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Adjective Agreement and Placement

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1 Adjective Agreement and Placement
Français 1 Waters

2 The Rule Adjectives must agree with the noun it modifies in gender and number.

3 What does it mean? ADJECTIVES (words that describe a noun) must AGREE (be in the same form) with the NOUN (person, place or thing) it MODIFIES (changes in character or form) in GENDER (a system of classification, in this case Masculine or Feminine) and NUMBER (single or plural).

4 Making Agreement with regular adjectives
Singular Plural Masculine S Feminine - E - ES

5 You have already seen the AGREEMENT rule when using articles.

6 Masculine / Singular noun with definite article
Le cahier

7 Masculine / Plural Les cahiers

8 Feminine/Singular with definite article
La calculatrice

9 Feminine/Plural Les calculatrices

10 Singular / Masculine Noun with indefinite article
Un crayon

11 Plural / Masculine Noun
Des crayons

12 Feminine / Singular Noun with indefinite article
Une trousse

13 Feminine / Plural Noun Des Trousses

14 You make the same changes when you add adjectives to describe your nouns. Think equality! Whatever characteristic your noun has (m/f, s/p) all words describing that noun MUST have the SAME characteristics!

15 Masculine/Singular with adjective agreement
Le cahier vert

16 Masculine Plural with adjective agreement
Les cahiers verts

17 Feminine Singular with adjective agreement
La trousse rose

18 Feminine Plural with adjective agreement
Les trousses roses

19 Placement Did you notice where the colors were placed? In French, adjectives are placed AFTER the noun. Naturally, there is an exception called BANGS (but that is a whole different lesson that we will work on after you get this one down!).

20 Now you try! The blue backpack Le sac à dos bleu

21 Make the changes! Think equality and word order!
The blue backpacks Les sacs à dos bleus

22 Keep going… The green calculator La calculatrice verte

23 …and if it is plural??? The green calculators Les calculatrices vertes

24 Now it’s your turn! 1. Identify the noun in the sentence.
2. Is the noun masculine or feminine? 3. Is the noun singular or plural? 4. Apply the answers to #2 and #3 to ALL words that DESCRIBE the NOUN! BON COURAGE!

25 Can you fill in the blanks?
J’ai une gomme (rose). Tu as un stylo (bleu)? Coline a une trousse (vert). Nous avons des cahiers (noir). Madame a des classeurs (blanc).

26 J’ai une gomme rose. Tu as un stylo bleu? Coline a une trousse verte. Nous avons des cahiers noirs. Madame a des classeurs blancs.

27 Adjectives must agree with the noun it modifies in gender and number.
Remember… EQUALITY! Adjectives must agree with the noun it modifies in gender and number.

28 Now, translate! Marc and Luc have green backpacks.
Mr. LeDuc does not have a red pen. They have the blue books. I need the red book. Do you have the orange ruler? Colette does not have the blue binder. He has a black pencil case.

29 1. Marc et Luc ont les sacs à dos verts. 2. M
1. Marc et Luc ont les sacs à dos verts. 2. M. LeDuc n’a pas de stylo rouge. 3. Ils ont les livres bleus. 4. Il me faut un livre rouge. 5. As-tu une règle orange? 6. Colette n’a pas de classeur bleu. 7. Il a une trousse noire.

30 One final note… This one concept, for me, was the hardest thing I had to learn in French! But, don’t give up! If you follow the steps you will get it and if you get it now you won’t have to relearn it when the concept of AGREEMENT reappears. And, trust me…it reappears frequently! So BON COURAGE! Now, go forth and make your adjectives agree!

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