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What is Content Marketing?

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1 What is Content Marketing?
“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

2 ISNZ International Content Marketing Strategy
Build profile awareness of the private schools sector online Create a single portal for ISNZ school information Make content highly discoverable Provide an easy way to discover and explore related content Enhance Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Educate the target audience

3 ISNZ International Directory

4 ISNZ and NZ branding navigational banner School branding Geographic location and interactive map School leadership information Contact details and key information Consistent content links Social accounts Related content USP Video content Navigational links to assist content discoverability Graphic

5 48 unique content pages

6 Enhanced content discoverability

7 Next steps? Distribute directory pages to member schools for feedback
Promote the directory to Chinese agents, partners and other agencies Create additional printed marketing collateral for distribution Market the directory online, via the ISNZ homepage, member schools, social media channels, Google AdWords etc. Use analytics to measure content engagement @ISNZEducation

8 Tips for making your online content more discoverable
Search Include a search option on the home page of your website, and other pages if possible. Test your search results regularly, to ensure that the information contained within your site is actually being displayed. Social content A considerable amount of content is now frequently `tucked away’ in various forms of social media. Make sure your own social media buttons are highly visible and accessible on your website. This makes navigation between the different types of content easier for visitors. Testimonials Include a number of online testimonials on your website to build trust and demonstrate value. Use video (or a combination of text and images) that have been specifically designed to engage your target audience. Engaging content Create rich, engaging, relevant content that is easy to digest like video, images, blogs, and infographics etc. Online users like to `snack’ on information. Make sure they can ask questions or find answers to their questions easily with options like FAQs. Graphics Great images are absolutely key to communicating your value online. In addition they can generate a lot of traffic so be sure to optimise them. Make sure they are tagged appropriately so the search engines will understand them and display them in the search results. Google Search for your site regularly using keywords you think your target market will be using to find you online. Track and measure your online traffic and user engagement statistics.

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