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BMC Integration Service Overview and Architecture

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1 BMC Integration Service Overview and Architecture
Product Management October 2017

2 Integration Service Goals
1. Facilitate customers journey to the cloud 2. Connect, empower and enable the next generation of digital Applications integration 3. Prove BMC has a credible multi cloud integration offering Reliable, available and easy to consume integration connectors. Partners build connectors grow customer base and expand our addressable market Customers leverage Remedy investment by creating hybrid cloud solutions Differentiated cloud-based applications that are powered by Integration Service

3 BMC Integration Studio
Integration Studio is a modern, SaaS-based Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), focused on agile Digital Enterprise Management use cases, that enables fast and powerful application connections for citizen integrators, while providing enterprise-class governance, control and visibility

4 BMC Integration Studio…
Easily connect applications and systems. Features event-oriented integration (Trigger → Action) Enables efficient data transformation between applications Supports any-to-any integrations Each connector increases integration options exponentially Can connect applications across clouds and datacenters Fills an integration need in BMC’s portfolio Provides quick time-to-value Supports ad hoc, non-technical use Fills gap of missing requested integrations BMC-to-BMC, BMC-to/from-3rd Party

5 Who + Examples Citizen Integrators Technically Skilled Developers
When an incident is created in Remedy create an incident in Remedyforce When a build breaks in Jenkins open an issue in Jira When a task is created in Salesforce create a todo item in Basecamp Citizen Integrators Knowledge workers / End users Personal productivity gains Fast time to value Technically Skilled Integration generalists Services organizations IT administration / operations Developers Integration offload Product extensions When a Google doc is updated run a Control-M workflow When a hardware sensor triggers an event my team When an alert occurs in TrueSight Pulse create an incident in Remedy on Demand

6 © Copyright 2017 BMC Software, Inc.
Targeted Users Integration Generalist IT personnel that with limited technical knowledge and little integration experience Integration Specialist IT personnel in which time to value for integrations is imperative End Users Users looking to improve personal productivity © Copyright 2017 BMC Software, Inc.

7 © Copyright 2017 BMC Software, Inc.
Most common use cases In-Out of ITSM Typically Ticket brokering Most requests are for Remedy Others as well Remedyforce, ServiceNow, HP Service Center, etc. In-Out Notification systems Chatter, Slack, , SMS, etc. DevOps GitHub, Jira, Jenkins, etc. © Copyright 2017 BMC Software, Inc.

8 Product Features $ Self-service, Multi-tenant, Hybrid, iPaaS
Consumer-grade UX Connects applications & services Governed by central IT Embedded business value analytics Marketplace ( Not in release ) Built for Cloud, enables Hybrid $

9 © Copyright 2017 BMC Software, Inc.
Value to Customers Super fast time to value Measured in minutes Very approachable Can be used by non-techies Supports Hybrid SaaS-based solution but can connect to on-premise Targets Enterprise © Copyright 2017 BMC Software, Inc.

10 Architecture Integration Service running on AWS Cloud Cloud App Cloud
Enterprise Data Center Onprem App Integration Controller Onprem App

11 Logical Architecture Creator Flow Ops Analytics See,Try,Buy Governance
Flow Controller Monitoring Data Messaging Messaging Logging Flow Engine Connector Controller Connector Connector Controller Connector

12 Connectors Available Remedy Service Management Remedyforce TrueSight Operations TrueSight Pulse TrueSight Intelligence Salesforce Gmail Jira Basecamp Rally Generic Nagios PerfTest Jenkins Slack Chatter GitHub SDK availability will enable rapid connector development for BMC, partners, and customers

13 Connector Designer Enable fast development of Connectors
Integration Studio, Innovation Studio Manages Connector development life-cycle Provides user interface for defining Connectors Generates Connector source code Builds, packages, and deploys Connectors Future – integrated testing framework

14 Developed Connectors Generates project files and connector source code
Generated code is Javascript and Java Simple connectors can be created without writing any code Project files with stubbed out methods calls are generated for more complex connectors Includes Connector framework Provides Network communication, security, logging, monitoring, start/stop, etc. Packaged as delivered as Docker containers

15 Additional info : The product is GA under Innovation Suite as LA
SKU name : For more info on Integration service Marketing Schedule Name LP/LA UoM USD Global Base Price / month BMC Integration Service – 100,000 integration tasks LA Per integration tasks $1,000 © Copyright 2017 BMC Software, Inc.

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