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Native Ads by YeahMobi.

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1 Native Ads by YeahMobi

2 Contents Native Ads Introduction General Introduction Best Features
Case Studies

3 Best Features | Monetize 1 Million Users?
An ocean of data to help your app see profits ● YeahMobi has a proven track record at global app promotion, supporting 25 billion ad impressions and 650,000 installs every day. ● From our networks, we have an ocean of data at our disposal and a vast array of advertising strategies, models and solutions to offer clients. ● Our Native Ad solution can bring advertisers seamless ad integration, better user engagement and more precise campaign optimization.

4 Best Features| Big Data Based Programmatic Buying
Broad and Deep Analytics Cross Platform Smart and Precise Targeting An ocean of data, machine learning and deep learning algorithms to help advertisers realize more precise ad placements. All-round integrated marketing platform that offers clients: high-quality traffic, precise ad placements, seamless ad integration across the most-used platforms and more value for their budgets. Quick API integration and a small and light SDK that can gain valuable user behavior insights. Scientific analysis then improves targeting on ad placements.

5 Tailored Solutions | Multiple Ad Formats
Banner – Mobile banner ads occupy part of the screen, and eye-catching creative and rolling text gives users valuable information making the banner ads more interactive. They become a naturally flowing part of the users information streaming experience. Location Based Service Ads – Based on the user’s location in real time, creative content from surrounding offers and local product ads can be sent to the user. Interstitials – HTML5 rich media ads can be placed on the user’s phone when apps start, get paused, skip, fail to load, download pages and when users switch to new segments.

6 Case Study : Solo Launcher
Integrating with the product’s functionality– More natural display impression

7 YeahMobi Native Ads: Mobile App Promotion
Tailored Ads YeahMobi Native Ads: Mobile App Promotion Improve App downloads and brand recognition with premium app media, YeahMobi affiliate network and premium marketing channels. Take advantage of our recommend list placements, various banner styles, mobile cloud technology, anti-fraud technology and broad range of optimization processes.

8 Ad Appearance Traffic sources are not all the same, so the ad display styles, methods of interaction and position are also different. The example of Solo Launcher can show you how varied ad displays can be. Solo Launcher Example

9 Redirected to Google Play download page
Part of User Experience “Domino’s Pizza USA”—— The ad is a button blended into the design of Solo Launcher. When users click on it they go straight to the a Google Play app download page. The app is directly promoted and we have increased conversions. Redirected to Google Play download page

10 Redirected to Google Play download page
Part of User Experience “Start Bar”—— Ads in the form of apps are placed on the start bar on Solo Launcher’s screen. Four apps can be recommended and rotated in real time. Redirected to Google Play download page

11 Redirected to Solo Play
Part of User Experience “Drop-down menu”—— With the App ad’s natural extension it can gain more app recommendations and it can scale business according to user interest. Redirected to Solo Play Note: Solo Play is Solo Launcher’s own download market interface which appear to users.

12 Product's Unique Features
One app with multiple ad placement opportunities, so no channels are missed. Premium channel integration, simple impressions A base of over 1 million DAU (Daily Active Users) Vast network of distribution channels Multi-approach strategies, approach users precisely. Precise placements, excellent results Multiple business partners, total Android machine adaption analysis, safe, stable and reliable. Safe, high-quality experience

13 • Search Collaboration • App Recommendations • Site Guidance
Native Ads • Search Collaboration • App Recommendations • Site Guidance

14 Search Collaboration

15 App Recommendations

16 Site Guidance

17 Thank You

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