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Penguins By Hector Johnson.

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1 Penguins By Hector Johnson

2 Penguin Habitats All species of penguin live naturally in the southern hemisphere. Not all penguins live in icy conditions. Penguins also live in Australia, South Africa and other warmer countries. Penguins like to live in remote regions away from land predators because they cannot fly.

3 Penguin Diet Penguins are able to fly in water. This helps them hunt for food. Penguins eat seafood. Mostly fish but also squid, krill and crustaceans.

4 Penguin Predators On land penguins are hunted by lizards, skuas, snakes and other birds. In water penguin predators include leopard seals, orcas and sharks. Humans sometimes hunt penguins for oil and eggs.

5 Penguin life cycle

6 Emperor Penguins Fun facts
Emperor penguins are known to be the largest species of penguins. They live in Antarctica. Their height is 1.1 – 1.3 metres tall and they typically weigh between 21 and 45kg when fully grown . Emperor penguins are covered in a waterproof oil. Fun facts Emperor penguins can dive deeper than any other birds. Emperor penguins can stay under water for 20 minutes.

7 Rockhopper Penguins Rockhopper penguins have a crest of yellow and black feathers on their head. They like to live on craggy, rocky islands north of Antarctica. Rockhopper penguins are amongst the smallest known penguins. They are 50cm tall when fully grown. When breeding Rockhopper penguins form colonies of hundreds of thousands of penguins.

8 Penguin Teamwork Video!
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