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Marketing nsp products

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1 Marketing nsp products
How to get the word out about the New Products

2 Marketing the products
Find different ways to get the word out – ask friends who run a business Herbal Hours Create a video testimonial Prepare an blast to your customers or send a postcard to them (postcard on Resources/Business Section of website) Write a blog post about it Include in your newsletter Book some Trade Shows Hold an Open House and Product sampling Lunch & Learn at a Networking Event, Business, etc. – Guest speak Hand out Business Guide Handout 16 ways to advertise and brainstorm ideas….

3 SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media – links on our website…use this to learn more about marketing Google Hangouts – do a live meeting to promote the product / Virtual Party FaceBook Q & A – Promote a specific time (one hour) that you will be on Facebook (your business page) and you will be happy to answer any questions they have about the new product. Promote it at least a week in advance to get people excited about it. Do draws for product at the end. Google Hangouts document… Online Marketing Tools Facebook Find all of the information you need to create a Facebook Business Page. Click on the links below. How to Create a Facebook Business Page Adding a Profile Picture and Cover Photo Filling Out Facebook’s About Section Finding Content to Post on Facebook Facebook's Advertising Guidelines Twitter Twitter Basics PowerPoint Social Media Basics Articles 61 Social Media Tools to Help Build Your Business Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ Basics Video tutorials INFOGRAPHICS that you can cut and paste and put on your facebook pages.

4 FACEBOOK Get testimonials of people that have tried the products and put on Facebook Promote the specials that will be happening to all your clients Attach video to a Facebook post or blast

5 The 7 musts of marketing 1) Advertising 2) Direct mail
3) Corporate literature – brochures, fact sheets, promotional pieces 4) Public Relations – speaking events, lunch and learns, etc. 5) Personal contact – word of mouth marketing 6) Market education – trade shows, speaking engagements and education based marketing 7) Internet – websites, efforts and affiliate marketing

6 ADVERTISING It must be distinctive –must stand out – identity is everything Capture attention with a screaming headline- the headline should give a benefit of focus on the prospect by using “you” or “your” instead of focusing on yourself. After your headline hooks them, your body copy has to keep them reading. Body copy must focus on your prospect, not on you. Next each sentence should unfold the story you want to tell and make the prospect want to read on. It should be benefit oriented. Don’t tell me what it is. Tell my why it is valuable. Include a call to action. Sale promotion, coupon in bottom right hand corner of the ad increased response.

7 Direct mail Use colour in your mailings. Have a message on the outside of the envelope – call to action. Stand out – don’t look like a bill - make it like an invitation. Send a Postcard but make it a bigger size so it stands out. Mail out your newsletter with the product info in it

8 Corporate literature Make sure you have fact sheets in your possession. Make sure you have postcards printed of the new products so you can hand them out Have your business cards ready to go at all times Have a car decal on your car so people know that they can buy Nature’s Sunshine products from you.

9 Public relations Offer to do a free workshop at a community centre, yoga studio, fitness centre, your bank, your chiropractors office, massge therapist, etc. You are adding value to their business and promoting your own

Most powerful form of communication is having a live conversation with someone. Pretend you just started your Nature’s Sunshine business all over again and you need to get the word out to every single person you know!

11 Market education Trade Shows & Market Education
Get noticed Drive traffic Capture leads Get noticed. Have a nice display of product and wear your Nature’s Sunshine shirt. Have marketing material to giveaway. Drive traffic – have free giveaways, discount on a consultation, etc. Capture leads – have a form they fill out to get into the draw OR book a consultation with you that day to get in the draw

12 internet Internet Support
capture leads build a relationship interact as much as possible offer a webinar convert traffic to sales Drive people to your website– sign up for my monthly newsletter filled with great information, feature product of the month, etc. Offer them information that will help them. If you provide pertinent information, they can forward it onto their friends and then their friends will know who you are and could be potential clients.


14 Set some goals. How many units do you want to sell during the next 30 days? The next 90 days?
20? 30? 100? 200?

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