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Stay Focused!.

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1 Stay Focused!

2 Recently … A Supreme Court judge in the USA ruled that “Intelligent Design” should not be taught in schools because it is unscientific and is a way of introducing Christian dogma into the curriculum. In New Zealand, a Christian couple were taken to court for praying for their child instead of taking him to get medical treatment

3 In yesterday’s NZ Herald … Oprah Winfrey is the new pope!
3 pages dedicated to the ‘new spirituality’ turning away from secularism and Satanism to chanting mantras, Buddhism, Maori traditions, feng shui, tarot cards, and spirituality (once called witchcraft) rejection of traditional church based Christianity in favour of individual expressions of faith – ‘community by choice’

4 We live in an environment that is twisted, lost, antagonistic to Christianity
It does not ask ‘what is truth?’ Instead it asks ‘what works for me?’ It has placed the individual at the centre and whatever suits arranged around them It has replaced worship of the creator with worship of created things – images of humans, birds, animals, reptiles.

5 Have we missed the boat. Are we just too traditional
Have we missed the boat? Are we just too traditional? Should we join the other churches who have introduced other faiths into their repertoire? Should we have coffee discussions about the meaning of life and death?

6 Jesus the Christ Ministry Mission Community Transformation Devotion
“I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but by Me” Devotion

7 Stay Focused! Devotion to God – quiet times, prayer, repentance, passion, love Community – attendance, engagement, sorting out issues, deepening relationships Transformation – changing mindset, attitudes, habits, speech patterns, purity of thought life

8 Stay Focused! Ministry (among the believers) worship team, giving,
group involvement, teaching, leading, serving on a committee or project Mission (reaching out to others) sharing the Gospel, discipling people, service to the community, work situation, special projects

9 What are you going to do to stay focused in 2006?

10 1. A soul mate or group 2. A ministry or mission group 3
1. A soul mate or group 2. A ministry or mission group 3. A major change – what is one thing I could do in that will sharpen my focus?

11 Stay Focused!

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