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Properties and Composition of Air

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1 Properties and Composition of Air
4/4/17 Properties and Composition of Air Objective: I will describe air as matter. I will graphically represent the gases in air. PAGE 71

2 What is Air? air is a mixture of gases
atmosphere: an "envelope" around our Earth made of air held near Earth’s surface by gravity


4 Properties of Air Air colorless, tasteless, and odorless
Air has mass and volume Therefore, air is matter

5 Composition of the Atmosphere

6 Composition of the Atmosphere
Nitrogen (78%) Maintained through a process called the Nitrogen Cycle Nitrogen from the air moves to the soil, then to plants and animals, and eventually back to the air


8 Composition of the Atmosphere
Oxygen (21%) natural processes maintain the balance of oxygen in the atmosphere land and ocean plants create oxygen through photosynthesis animals use oxygen during respiration


10 Composition of the Atmopshere
<1% Argon <1% Carbon Dioxide (CO2) most abundant compound in the atmosphere greenhouse gas that influences global warming Trace amounts of other gases

11 Composition of the Atmosphere

12 Air can also contain: Water vapor Ozone Particulates
gaseous form of water Amount present in air depends on many factors (<1%-4%) Ozone Particulates such as volcanic dust, soil lifted by wind, pollen, evaporated salt

13 Output Activity Page 70 Open the Purple Book to page 252
Read the section entitled “What is Air” Answer the questions on the Lesson Review worksheet Complete the “Skills Challenge” on the back of the paper Make the circle graph big! Remember to include all different categories of gases in air

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