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Verb to be Verb to be: (am, is, are).

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1 Verb to be Verb to be: (am, is, are)

2 Verb to be: (am, is, are) (was, were)
I am He - She - It is Present Tense You - We - They  are

3 I am a teacher He is a student She is a girl We are doctors

4 Contraction/short form
No Contractions/long form Contraction/short form I am a teacher. He is a doctor. She is from Spain It is a camel. We are girls. I’m a teacher  He’s a doctor She’s from Spain  It’s a camel.  We’re from Saudi Arabia

5 Exercise: Fill in these sentences with the correct verb (am, is, are )
(1)    He a teacher. (2)    They friends. (3)    I a nurse. (4)    You a student. (5)    We happy. (6)    It a tree. (7)    She a doctor.

6 The answers: (1) He ......... is ........... a teacher. (He’s)
(2)    They are friends. (they’re) (3)    I am a nurse. (I’m) (4)    You are  a student. (You’re) (5)    We are happy. (We’re) (6)    It is a tree. (It’s) (7)    She is a doctor (She’s)

7 Yes/no questions with verb to be
She is a nurse. Is she a nurse? Yes, she is No, she isn’t He is a student. Is he a student ? Yes, he is No, he isn’t

8 Wh- Question Question word Verb (be) The pronoun Where is He She it
From? where are We You they from? am I

9 “Possessive adjectives’’ are used to show ownership or possession.
Subject pronoun Possessive adjective I my you your he his she her it its we our they their

10 For example: I own a laptop. = It is my laptop.
You own this computer = It is your computer. Ahmad has a car. = It is his car. Nora lives in this house. = It is her house. We created this website. = It is our website.

11 Possessive (‘s) The book of the teacher = the teacher’s book
The book of the teacher is big = the teacher’s book is big

12 Use the possessive s : The pen of Ahmad

13 Ahmad’s pen

14 Use the possessive (‘s)
I like the bag of lora

15 I like Lora's bag

16 Choose the correct answer:
Lora (‘s – is) bag (‘s – is) beautiful . I need Tom (‘s – is ) phone number.

17 Lora‘s bag is beautiful .
I need Tom‘s phone number.

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