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Introducing BAE Systems

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1 Introducing BAE Systems
At BAE Systems we provide some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions

2 BAE Systems at a glance Third largest global defence supplier*
Strong, established positions in the air, maritime and land sectors, as well as a growing position in cyber security Diverse portfolio evenly split between products and enduring support and upgrade contracts Strategic supplier to governments in US, UK, KSA and Australia 82,500 employees in over 40 countries Customers in around 80 countries 2015 sales of £17.9 billion and order backlog of £36.8bn £80m+ invested annually in education and skills globally £9bn+ spend with around 27,000 suppliers globally Image: Artisan naval radar testing * Source: Defence News – 2015 top defence companies

3 Inspired Work Video

4 Our key products and services
We have strong, established positions supplying defence equipment, electronics and services, and cyber, intelligence and security solutions for governments. We also have a growing position in adjacent commercial markets, including avionics and cyber security. Typhoon manufacture and development F-35 Lightning II design and manufacture Unmanned and future air system capabilities Air support and training Defence avionics equipment Commercial avionics equipment Manufacture of major Typhoon assemblies. Aircraft assembly and expansion of the capabilities of aircraft in service with the Royal Air Force and Royal Saudi Air Force. Design and manufacture of sub-assemblies, including the aft fuselage and empennage, in the UK and provision of equipment, including the electronic warfare suite, in the US. We have a significant workshare of the world’s largest defence programme. Development of future air system capabilities, including unmanned air systems, with the potential for a joint unmanned combat air system programme with France. Provision of support to operational capability. We provide maintenance, support and training for Typhoon aircraft in service with the UK and Saudi Arabian air forces. Under the Saudi British Defence Co-operation Programme, the Group has contracts to provide manpower, logistics and training, as well as training aircraft, including Hawk, and upgrades to Tornado aircraft in Saudi Arabia. We provide support for Hawk aircraft in service in 14 countries. Design and manufacture of avionics equipment across a range of US and other Western military aircraft programmes, including a leadership position in the electronic warfare market. We have been selected by Boeing to design and manufacture a new electronic warfare systems for the US Air Force’s F-15 fleet. Design and manufacture of avionics equipment across multiple commercial aircraft platforms, including engine and flight controls, and cabin and cockpit systems, together with aftermarket support services. We are a major supplier to Boeing.

5 Our key products and services
We have strong, established positions supplying defence equipment, electronics and services, and cyber, intelligence and security solutions for governments. We also have a growing position in adjacent commercial markets, including avionics and cyber security. Complex warships Submarines Ship repair and naval support Weapon systems Combat vehicles Cyber security Design and manufacture of two 65,000 tonne aircraft carriers and three Offshore Patrol Vessels for the Royal Navy, together with design and anticipated manufacture, of the Royal Navy’s Type 26 frigate programme. The aircraft carriers are expected to complete sea trials in 2017 and 2019, respectively. Design and manufacture of seven Astute Class nuclear-powered attack submarines for the Royal Navy, together with design, and anticipated manufacture of nuclear-powered submarines to carry the UK’s Trident nuclear deterrent. The third of class Astute boat, Artful, is now being operated by the Royal Navy, with the final boat expected to enter service towards the middle of the next decade. Provision of naval and commercial ship repair and modernisation services in the US, UK, Australia, together with support to the navies of the US, UK and Australia. In the US, we have facilities located on the East, West and Gulf coasts, as well as Hawaii, and is investing in new dry dock facilities at the San Diego shipyard to support the US Navy’s increased focus on Asia-Pacific operations. Design and manufacture of naval gun systems, torpedoes, radars, naval command and combat systems, artillery systems, missile launchers and , through a 37.5% interest in MBDA, missiles and missile systems. Upgrade of US Army tracked vehicles, including Bradley fighting vehicles, design and manufacture of the US Army’s M109 self-propelled howitzer and Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle, design, manufacture and support of the CV90 combat vehicle for international customers, and vehicle upgrade and support to the British Army. Delivery of a broad range of services to enable the US military and government to recognise, manage and defeat threats. Support to UK and other government agencies in their intelligence missions. Provision of defence-grade solutions for commercial cyber applications worldwide.

6 BAE Systems in Korea

7 History in republic of Korea (1900 - 2000)
Supply of Presidential Aircraft 1980s • Naval Radars and Combat Management Systems (21)*STC (Samsung Thales Co.) • M-109 Self Propelled Howitzers (1,040)*STW (Samsung Techwin) 1990s • Hawk Trainer Aircraft (20) • KF-16 Controls, EW & Avionics (150) • KT-1/XKO Controls & Avionics (85) • KDX I & II Combat Systems & SM2 integration (9)* STC • KDX III Link 16 & IFF Systems, USN PM/Support • RQ-101 UAV Avionics & Landing Systems (40) • Mine Sweeping Systems MMS & CIS (3) • Seaspray Radars (24) • Sea Skua Missiles (103) • M9 Combat Earth Movers (204) • KAAV Amphibious Assault Vehicles (166)* STW • Army Tactical Bridge (24)* Hyundai ROTEM • Bv206 All-Terrain Vehicles (450)* Hyundai KIA Motors

8 History in republic of Korea (1900 - 2000)
• T/A-50 Controls & Avionics (94)*LIG Nex1 • A-50 Controls & Avionics (138)*LIG Nex1 • F-15K Controls, EW & Avionics (60) • P-3C Controls and Communication Links (8) • K9 Muzzle Velocity Radars (150) • KSS III Submarine Design Consultancy* DSME & HHI • KHP CMDS & FADEC (256)*LIG Nex1 • EX (Wedgetail) Mission Computer and Displays (4) • KDX-II & III and FFK MK45 Naval Gun Mounts (20)* Hyundai WIA • FFX Surveillance Radar* LIG Nex1 • 57 and 40 mm Mk3 naval gun mounts*Hyundai WIA 2010s • T/FA-50 LRUs : IMDC-1,2, CSA, ASA, RSA, FLCC • HUD & HUD Calibration Equipment • I & D Level ATE for T/FA-50 • APX-113 IFF • GPS / INS Retrofit Kits for TA-1 • UAV Parafoil Recovery System • ALQ-144 IRCM • ALR-56M, 56C(V1) RWR • RIR 778 X-Band Range Instrument Radar/RIR-980 X Band Radar/Mobile RIR-980 Radar

9 Future opportunities Land Maritime Air Cyber

10 Global Value Chain

11 Connecting to the BAE Systems Supply Chain
Partnership Joint investment in to new product JSF, Air Craft Carrier, UAV as examples of partnership BAE Systems supply chain Connect through BAE Systems global partners Direct subcontractor to BAE Systems Supplier to our Tier 1,2 & 3 Suppliers Offset Joint R&D Technology Licensing

12 BAE Systems Purchasing Policy & How to Become a Supplier
Matching Technical Capability to customer requirement is key  Supplier management is important because we depend on our suppliers to help us deliver the products and systems our customers need both on time and to the quality they expect. We want to work with our suppliers to match their innovative capabilities with our customers' requirements and we welcome companies from any background or industry where there is a clear opportunity for them to add value. We expect all our suppliers to meet the standards set out in our Code of Conduct and our Responsible Trading Principle. Approach our Korean office directly

13 Co-operation with Korean SME’s
Innovation Looking for SME’s who have new technology and ideas for use on BAE Systems platforms In UK SME’s undertake a lot of our R&D due to speed, focus and ingenuity R&D – Need to understand what R&D capabilities and current programmes we can support Looking for SME’s whom have ability to support our products in South Korea and the region Linkage in to our Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers for both manufacturing and support Offset programmes play a key part in identifying potential projects and cooperation

14 BAE Systems Innovation & R&D

15 BAE Systems Innovation & R&D
Leading UK research group Approx. 400 researchers across the business Over £1bn a year spent on R&D Partnerships undertaken with Governments, Military, Academia & Supply Chain Our interest is on defence applications leaving partner to exploit civil market. SME’s are key our R&D capability such as NAVSOP in Malaysia Applied Intelligence Labs Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Stealth Materials Manufacturing

16 Applied Intelligence Labs
Abnormal behaviour detection & video analytics Bio-inspired technology Body-worn electronics Computational engineering & fluid dynamics Counter IED, detection & neutralisation Human Sciences Impact dynamics modelling and testing Less than lethal deterrents Micro & nanotechnology and smart materials Photonics and laser technologies Radar & antenna development Reducing the burden on the dismounted soldier Stealth technology and materials Technologies for covert & secure operations Unmanned, intelligent systems

17 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) offers a comprehensive capability in MEMS to both industry and academia providing concept guidance, through to detailed design, fabrication and prototype / product evaluation. mInertial sensing and modelling RF MEMS Optical MEMS Electromagnetics Fluidics and Microfluidics Extensive Mathematical Modelling Facility Environmental sensing (including extensive corrosion work programme) Biological: BioMEMS, BioSensors and agent handling. Chemical sensors and chemical monitoring Material Science and Metallurgy – advanced coatings Advanced Information Processing and data fusion from MEMS sensors Low power consumption and renewable sources Our design skills and fabrication capability is available to commercial customers. This means you can access our wealth of experience gained in successfully developing and commercialising MEMS devices. Bone Conduction Technology

18 Stealth Materials Manufacturing
World leading capability that can be licensed or support development of Korean technologies ELASTOMERS Used for EMI and RCS reduction, our elastomeric absorbers are available in a range of base materials for use in different environments. Products are based on magnetic or dielectric loss mechanisms and offer narrow, dual, triple or wide-band performance. FOAMS  Available as open cell reticulated foams, rigid polyurethane or syntactic foams. Our foam absorbers are manufactured with graded loss for wide-band absorption or uniform loss for use in multi-layer absorbers. COATINGS  Spray-able Microwave absorbent coating system for use on composite or metallic structures. FABRICS  A range of tough, water-resistant fabrics with wide-band RF Absorbing performance. Applications include equipment covers, temporary screens and clothing. HONEYCOMB  A light weight, wide-band radar absorber which can be manufactured in a range of configurations. STRUCTURAL RAM Structural radar absorbing components can be produced using a range of reinforcement fibers and manufacturing techniques that make these products lightweight and highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions. FREQUENCY SELECTIVE MATERIALS  Design and manufacture of Frequency Selective Materials(FSS) structures for radomes and adaptive stealth. TEST HOODS A range of high power absorbing test hoods for radar and antenna systems that aid operator safety & security emissions are custom made to customer requirements.  LOW LOSS MATERIALS A low loss resin system (RP13) and associated pre-preg (PPR2) for use in transparent structures such as radomes. 

19 Further information Newsroom:
Contact us: Investor Relations: Global intranet (internal use):

20 Thank you

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