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Saber y Conocer To know.

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1 Saber y Conocer To know

2 Conjugations Conocer Yo conozco Nosotros/as conocemos
Tú conoces Ustedes Usted Ellos / Ellas conocen Él / Ella conoce Saber Yo sé Nosotros/as sabemos Tú sabes Ustedes Usted Ellos / Ellas saben Él / Ella sabe

3 Both verbs saber and conocer mean to know, but change their meaning depending on context just as the verbs to be ser and estar. Conocer means “to know someone” in the sense of whom you have met in the past, an acquaintance, not in the sense that you know the personality of someone. Ejemplo: I know Juan. (I met him yesterday) Conozco a Juan. Remember the personal a. Any direct object that represents a person must be introduced with a personal a. We know your sisters. Conocemos a tus hermanas.

4 You also use conocer to talk about the things you are familiar with, as well as the places you have visited. Ejemplo: I know the streets of Barcelona. Conozco las calles de Barcelona. She knows the city of New York. Ella conoce la ciudad de Nueva York. They know Europe. Conocen Europa.

5 Saber is used to express knowledge of a skill, how to do something, knowing facts or information about something, knowing a subject or something you know by heart. Ejemplo: I know how to sew. = Sé coser. We know Math. = Sabemos matemáticas. She knows the lyrics of that song = Ella sabe la letra de la canción. He knows how to do ceramics = Él sabe hacer cerámica. You know how to dance = Sabes como bailar.

6 Ejercicios 1. I know your friend Sara__________________________________ 2. He knows the state of Iowa__________________________________ 3. Paco and I know how to fish (pescar)_______________________________ 4. Their friends (f) know my teacher (f)____________________________________ 5. I know how to speak Spanish_______________________________

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