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Connect to Internet Everywhere with Vodafone 4G dongle.

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1 Connect to Internet Everywhere with Vodafone 4G dongle

2 Dongle is a small device that is connected to the USB Port of desktop or laptop for internet connection or securing the data. There are a many types of dongles like security, adaptor, Bluetooth, memory, anti piracy, wireless dongles for various purposes. Vodafone is the second largest mobile network in subscription. Many people prefer Vodafone because of its network throughout the rural areas, multiple towers for proper signals, various offers, reasonable plans etc. Vodafone extended their services to Vodafone 4G dongle to provide portable internet. Data card with 4G has good internet speed compared to 2G, 3G

3 Vodafone dongle is the best option to use internet in multiple places or out station. The device is very small in size. The usage of device does not require any installation it can be used directly by connecting to the USB port of desktop or laptop. The dongle consist of sim inside the device and follow simple recharge procedure like recharging the mobile phones. The plans and offers of the device varies it consist of only data related offers and discounts. It is provided with many ranges of plans one can recharges according to his requirement.

4 Advantages of Vodafone dongle Portable, carry easily from place to place Can be used to multiple devices Recharge as per the requirement Simple to connect Easy to use Stand alone device Affordable price Does not require any charging Best device to use in journeys Uninterrupted service

5 Internet has become more predominant in individual life. Internet is ruling the current world and people using it for vast purposes like booking train, bus, flight, movie tickets, paying all kinds of bills, transactions, online shopping, recharges and many things. People use internet to watch various programs, students for study materials, news, activities and cartoons. Many other uses with internet and day will fade out without internet.

6 Dongle can be carried to anywhere and connect to any device without any process. The usage of this device has been increased because of its features and flexibility. The internet can used where ever we want and connect to far away people easily. As Vodafone extend their network to rural areas the device works effectively in undeveloped areas also. Wi-Fi, broadband connection are not available in most of the villages because they are wire based and difficult to arrange wire for longer distance to single or multiple house, in that case this device is the excellent solution. These devices are available in all online mobile stores and mobile shops. The usage gives wonderful experience. Stay connected to internet with Vodafone 4G dongle.

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