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The Best Seafood Destinations in America

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1 The Best Seafood Destinations in America

2 Most of the families plan out some exciting adventures and trips during different holiday seasons. If you and your family are looking for a place to visit which offers some of the best seafood in the country then here is a list of the top seafood destinations in America. You need to visit at least one of these if you want to enjoy some delicious prawns, lobsters, crabs, oysters, and other mouth-watering delicacies.

3 The shore of Myrtle Beach draws thousands of tourists each year so that they can enjoy kayaking, swimming, sailing, and very importantly eating. The crab houses lining the shores of Chesapeake offer the visitors to enjoy the freshest crabs in the country. A trip is complete with the sun-kissed families coming together and indulging in the finest seafood experience from having the award winning crab cake to the meat cooked in some intricate spices. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

4 It is not only the swamp tours of the Bayou and the visits to the Red Stick Farmers Market that bring the visitors to this area. Crawfish which is the ultimate claim of the city to the culinary fame is another thing that all the tourists look forward to. Having some of the best restaurants for all you can eat seafood, this city is famous for bringing unique flavors and new touches to traditional recipes. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

5 Before Starbucks came into the scene, it was Seattle’s seafood which caught everyone’s attention. The northwest hub of the city still continues to serve some of the finest filets in the world. The city is very famous for more than a 100 years old Pike Place Market which is visited by almost 10 million people in a year. It is definitely worth it to take your camera along and take some great pictures of the fresh catch lying there for sale including salmon, crab, and other shellfish. Seattle, Washington

6 This is a destination for fresh-shucked oysters in the East Coast. The highlight in this city are the Mediterranean seafood dishes and the delicious lobster meat rolls. You can find here some of the amazing signature dishes in the finest restaurants and they will totally satisfy the seafood lover in you with their variety. Boston, Massachusetts

7 Florida is a place which hosts a lot more tourists including both domestic and international visitors than other states of America. Between sunbathing and enjoying your favorite water sports, one can stop by at any of the famous restaurants and try their all you can eat seafood offer. You’ll definitely be guilty of having some scrumptiously lavish dishes and the finest cocktails in Key West, Florida. Key West, Florida

8 There are numerous other cities in the country as well which offer the greatest all you can eat seafood buffet in their finest restaurants. However, these 5 hold a top spot on the list and one must surely visit them even for solely having a remarkable seafood experience. Seafood House Calabash Buffet is one of the most popular Seafood restaurant at Myrtle Beach, SC Phone: 843-712-2939 Website: Address: 700 Water Avenue, Myrtle Beach, SC 29575

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