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New Fantastic Five Local Salon Hair Treatments

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1 New Fantastic Five Local Salon Hair Treatments

2 Local salons have the public’s general perception of dealing with hair color and cut. If there is anything that can be added as an extraordinaire service; it’ll be keratin treatment which has been the talk of the town for years. The contemporary local salons are, however, stepping up their game and jumping an extra mile on the hair treatment agenda.

3 Alongside taking color appointments with the clear gloss, the latest services focus on all kinds of hair problems from itchy scalp to acute dryness and split ends. This is blowing off the old methods, limited offers of haircut and color out of the water. At your next parlous trip, you cannot only opt for a trim but a whole genuine transformation! The new services are bent upon recovering the product build-up on your scalp, breakage and over boosting of your hair health. Here are some of the fantastic new treatments for your hair:

4 The Astara Treatment specialises in sensitive and irritated scalps. The treatment involves massaging the scalp which gently calms the itchiness and solves the product build-up problem and flake formation due to dryness. The Astara Oil is applied and massaged into scalp for 15 minutes maximum. As a second treatment, shampoo is applied to rinse it out. It is quite a gentle and soothing process with a deep cleansing of the scalp and hair. This also results in stimulation of the blood flow which is essential for healthy hair growth. The Astara Treatment

5 The Malibu Treatment is meant for the discoloured highlighted hair with a flake build-up problem. The treatment is a gentle and soothing way of removing mineral deposits from the scalp. It consists of a vitamin C-based powder which is mixed with warm water and massaged onto the hair and scalp for 15-20 minutes. The hair is then rinsed off revealing clean, stain-free locks. The Malibu Treatment

6 For those of you who want softer and smoother strands of hair on their scalp, the Japanese version of Linkage Meu Treatment works like a deep conditioner with a steroid effect on your hair. The process is going to leave your hair from rough to super smooth while weighing down your strands. The Linkage Meu Treatment

7 All the hair color fanatics dealing with dry hair, the pre-shampoo oil treatment is for you! This process can soothe your dirty, product loaded, messy hair and soften each strand before colour treatments. Pre-Shampoo Oil Treatment

8 The Olaplex stand-alone treatment works for the breakage and colour treated hair. This treatment can be done at any local salon as well as at home. The process consists of two steps which involve the application of mixture on the hair followed by combing for 10-20 minutes. The hair is then rinsed and washed for a smooth finish. The Olaplex Stand-Alone Treatment

9 Contact Select Salon Studios to make your appointment for hair treatment. Email: Phone: 419-309-0009 Address Maumee: 3355 Briarfield Blvd, Suite A, Maumee, Ohio 43537 Address Toledo: 5221 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio 43623 Website:

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