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Reinventing the School Fundraiser!

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1 Reinventing the School Fundraiser!
FarmRaiser Reinventing the School Fundraiser!

2 FarmRaiser helps raise money by selling healthy, local produce and artisan goods.

3 How FarmRaiser Works Hosting a FarmRaiser in 4 Easy Steps
Register your organization & create campaign Select & price local products Sell via mobile phones and website Distribute products to supporters

4 Sell things you would actually want your kids to eat
Mark Abbott founded FarmRaiser in 2012, after his fourth grade sold $300 worth of candy to the neighbors and commented, “We would never eat this stuff at home.” Why not sell healthy, local products that you would be proud to serve at your table? No giant tubs of cookie dough; no candy bars. Instead, you can offer farm fresh and artisan goods that your friends and family will be sure to enjoy. “As a parent, I just love what FarmRaiser’s done for my son and his school...he was so excited to help pack the blueberry preserves and to make sure we bought some for our family...” - Parent, Seattle, WA

5 Great products from local farmers and artisans
Unique products for every region and season Create custom bundles to make your fundraiser stand out “Community basket” donations to your local food bank Supporters can donate cash or round up their purchase With new supply partners signing on every week, there’s sure to be something that your supporters will enjoy. Plus, it’s easy to change products each season or year, so you never

6 High profit & supports your local economy
Minimum profit: 45%; average profit:53% No up-front costs. No minimum orders. No hidden fees or mark-ups. Many school fundraising companies charge 20-30% of sales for their fees, provide cheap, mass-produced products to sell. FarmRaiser is a social enterprise, that strives to support schools, causes, local farmers, artisans and their communities. The pricing is transparent and straightforward with no hidden fees, no upfront costs, and no minimum order sizes. Minimum 45% for the school + minimum 40% for the farmer means that over 85% of the sales price of the products stays in the local economy, helping to preserve local farmland, and provide provide jobs for people in your community Over 85% stays in local economy

7 How much can we raise with a FarmRaiser?
Average campaign with 25 students will sell $3,500 in products. Average customer transaction is $34.00 With great products, and active student champions, the numbers can get much bigger FarmRaiser has generated $180,000 in revenue for Causes and Farmers in the last 18 months. Students can sell products and/or ask for cash donations A typical campaign with 25 students will sell $3,500 in products. The average customer transaction is $34.00. Students sell via mobile apps, a custom website or with paper order forms. The platform tracks individual student and overall campaign goals.

8 FarmRaiser provides great support and fundraising tools
What You Do Sign up for a FREE FarmRaiser account Choose products that your supporters will love Communicate important dates and Instructions to your group Engage students and supporters. Collect & Reconcile Cash/Check payments Lead Distribution Day What FarmRaiser Does: Provides real human customer service to guide you through the whole process Helps find and select great products from local suppliers Sets up your online market Provide marketing materials Organizes delivery of products Provides material for an easy distribution day. h

9 Who else is hosting FarmRaisers?
Over the last two years, dozens of schools, teams, clubs, bands and non-profits have sold a total of $180,000 of healthy local products at an average profit of 53%. In addition, FarmRaiser works with National organizations to help their affiliates and chapters host healthy fundraisers.

10 Bells and whistles! Paperless option: no paper forms mean fewer errors and happier customers; all sales through online market and mobile app Cash-free option: no missing payments, no making change means less work for organizers, more money for the school Online-only option: no student sales; just promote the custom FarmRaiser market “Community basket” option: those that don’t want to buy something for themselves can donate to a local food bank while supporting your cause Round up donation option: customers can “round up” their purchase to make an easy donation to your cause.

11 Why FarmRaiser (a summary)
More than a healthy alternative to product fundraisers Teaches kids about healthy eating and the local food system Combines best of modern technology and old-fashioned community organizing Honest, transparent pricing, with no minimums or fees Great features and customer service Positive impacts on community health and local economy Proven fundraising system endorsed by nutrition, sports, and service organizations Flexible, versatile platform that is improving every day so you can fundraise your way for your cause.

12 Learn more & sign up at
“Fresh produce was cool for people because they knew they’d buy it anyway. There wasn’t a product I was selling that people didn’t want to buy” -- Lucy Voss, Student Champion, MI Learn more & sign up at

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