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Workplace Social Media Kit United Way of Dane County.

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1 Workplace Social Media Kit United Way of Dane County

2 Your Workplace Campaign  The following is a social media kit for your workplace campaign. Included is a toolkit that you can use to guide your social media activity and keep your employees informed and involved!  This toolkit will provide you with a set of guidelines that will help you tailor your posts to demonstrate what United Way of Dane County has to offer. Although there are many examples included in this toolkit, feel free to make this campaign your own by tying in your company, your internal goals for this campaign, and what your employees are doing to get involved!  What’s included:  Our message Guidelines Logos Social media examples Statistic shareables Photos/videos Links and hashtags

3 Our Vision: A Dane County where everyone can succeed in school, work and life. United Way of Dane County Our Mission: Unite the community to achieve measurable result and change lives.

4 United Way Messaging:  United Way’s vision is “A Dane County where everyone can succeed in school, work and life.” To engage with the United Way messaging we ask you to emphasize the benefits of this giving campaign and demonstrate to your employees that donating to United Way of Dane County will make a difference and that their action is greatly appreciated. United Way of Dane County is dedicated to making a difference in our community and workplace campaigns make up a large portion of the donations received. We want to become partners with your company and help in any way we can.  Make sure to view our website; to see examples of how we word our

5  Provide the dates and times for any events or specific gatherings pertaining to the giving campaign.  Use the United Way of Dane County logo in your internal communications when you mention the campaign.  When referring to United Way in your announcements, make sure to specify that donations will be going to the United Way of Dane County to be invested back in to the community.  Publish information about the campaign 2 weeks to a month in advance (if there are any specific events).  Provide short updates on a weekly basis in company publications with links to the main page featuring information on the campaign and how to donate.  Include information on how employees can get involved with donating  Steps on how to “donate from your desk” Guidelines for internal communication on your website:

6  Here are our most common logos. Add these to your publications when promoting your campaign and United Way of Dane County. Suggested uses: Social media posts, profile images, emails, newsletters  Approved Hashtags: #GiveUnited #UWDC Logos, Links and Hashtags *Clicking on each logo will bring you to our campaign toolkit for downloading  Click here for the link to our campaign tools page wherehere you can find any other resources you may need.

7  Here are just a few examples of tweets that can be sent out during your campaign. Focus on how much your employees donations will help Dane County as a whole.  Hashtags and links are great ways to encourage employees’ to learn more and ultimately, donate. Remember to use @unitedwaydaneco if referring to our company. Sample Tweets

8 Sample Facebook Posts  Facebook allows you to utilize more text. Here are a few examples of things that could be promoted through Facebook. Just like the tweets, tagging United Way, using links and promoting hashtags will ensure your posts are seen by the most people. *Images/videos are great for Facebook!

9  Here is one of our “What a difference your Dollar Makes” infographics. These are very useful when showing that any donation can be helpful to the community.  Promote these through your social media channels and other employee communications to show some statistics on what donations can do. Quick Fact images *Clicking on the image will bring you to our campaign toolkit for downloading

10  We encourage you to create your own photos/videos! Get a quick, 10 second video at one of your campaign events, or have your employees send in photos of special events that you have.  These photos/videos can be posted through your social media to show what you’ve contributed to United Way.  We also have photos/videos located on our website that can be used for campaign promotion. Photos & Videos Above is a video on our Leadership Giving groups. A good example of something to share to employees. Click the image to be brought to the video link and to learn more about Leadership Giving.

11 Thank You! From all of us here at United Way of Dane County, thank you for your contribution and efforts. With your help, we are making Dane County a better place to live, for all.

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