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International Tourism Management

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1 International Tourism Management
Presentation 4: Assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing three visitor attractions of your choice and make recommendations

2 Introduction Objectives Research Methods X-Games
Natural Attraction in Dubrovnik Saltaire

3 Objectives Do a SWOT for three visitor attractions
Make recommendations Show the range of visitor attractions and… …their differences and similarities Look at the benefits of visitor attractions

4 Research Methods The internet Tourist literature Local newspapers
Brochures Visits


6 The Concept International X-treme sports event
Summer and Winter events Top athletes compete Attracts state funding and corporate sponsorship

7 Summer events Aggressive Inline Skating Moto X Stunt Bikes
Skateboarding Speed Climb Wakeboarding

8 Winter events Skiing Slopestyle Snowboarding (X and Slopestyle)
Superpipe Ultracross Hillcross Moto-X Big Air Aggressive Inline Skating Skiing Superpipe

9 How it Works Free entry to all the events
Large cash prize attracts top athletes Corporate sponsorship and state funding First come first served Staffed by volunteers Publicised by ESPN and partners in US Family orientated

10 Strengths 250.000+ visitors each year Family friendly
Environmentally friendlyFree entry to all the events Benefits for the state it is held in Attracts state funding ESPN Network for publicity Very popular among 6-17 year olds Interactive events Professional/ famous competitors

11 Weaknesses Attracts criticism from amateur extreme sports enthusiasts
Excess demand Workers are almost all casual Problems with timelines and logistics Possible environmental problems

12 Opportunities Growing market Wider recognition of sport TV channels
Launch of global championship Brand and franchise opportunities American Patriotism

13 Threats Success of TV coverage Possible fashion cycles
Boycotts by extreme sports groups Strain between US and Europe Image problem of the sports

14 Recommendations Image development New employees
Develop ticketing system Keep searching for new sports


16 Saltaire Shipley Glen “Model” Victorian Village
3 Art Galleries – featuring David Hockney Living village rather than museum Attractive scenery Reached by Great Britain’s oldest cable tram Old-fashioned fun-fair Small museum Nostalgia

17 Why Consider Both? Linked history Opposite each other
Face similar problems and opportunities Marketed together to some extent

18 Shared Strengths Social history Located in beautiful area
Good infrastructure and links Regeneration and sustainable development Websites Pubs, cafes, restaurants Brackenhall Countryside Centre

19 Strengths Saltaire: Open every day except Christmas and Boxing Day
Free Admission 3 Art Galleries David Hockney Shopping The canal and river Shipley Glen: Small museum Low admission charge Santa specials in December Children’s funfair Souvenir shop and Edwardian shop Beautiful area with rocks and woods

20 Shared Weaknesses Not in the Golden Triangle Local Attraction
Image of Bradford amongst tourists Often promoted together with Bradford

21 Weaknesses Saltaire: Shipley Glen:
No promotion of UNESCO world heritage site Could be unrealistic view of Bradford Free entry = less attractive Focused on Art galleries rather than social history Only information is cheap map Shipley Glen: Only open Weekend afternoons in winter Run entirely by volunteers Shares car park with local Grammar Tourists don’t have to take the tram Bad promotion amongst different groups Lack of money for investment

22 Shared Opportunities “New industrial age” links
Promote together with related tourist sites in same area Festivals

23 Opportunities Saltaire: Shipley Glen: Museum / Heritage Centre
UNESCO world heritage site Untapped potential of site including tours Interactivity Promote social history in schools and universities Shipley Glen: Nostalgia Attract climbers Private parties Increase opening times Souvenir shop Bigger museum Rebuild former attractions

24 Shared Threats Increasingly negative image of Bradford Train strikes
Competition from Leeds and Yorkshire Dales Gets boring after some visits

25 Threats Saltaire: businesses in mill move out no more income
Shipley Glen: Dogs Hard to control visitor numbers Foot and Mouth Weather

26 Recommendations Link the 2 sites together like Coal Mining Museum & Yorkshire Sculpture Park Create Heritage Center like Port Sunlight: Displays include photos, models, information,… Guided tours, self-guided tours, plaques on walls Opportunity to charge for part of the experience Create “day in the life of…” experience Literature, signposting and festivals

27 Other recommendations
Hold festivals Actively promote social history Educational activities Create interactive activities in museum / heritage centre

28 Conclusions International and local attractions
Cultural, sports events and natural attractions The benefits of tourist attractions to surrounding area

29 Croatian Coast Line: Dubrovnik



32 Croatia

33 Tourism industry in Yugoslavia before the conflict
5 million visitors a year Tourism represented 14% of GDP TALC: Institutionalisation stage (Consolidation) Plog´s tourist types: near allocentrics Specialist tour operators & individuals( ?or Mass tourism?) War began in 1992 until 1995

34 Some figures 2.6 million arrivals in 1996 4.1 million in 1998
3.2 million in 1999 due to war in Kosovo, close to Croatia After the ousting of Milosevic, lasting stability led to rapid return of tourism to the region

35 Dubrovnik Coastline

36 Strengths Attractions
Geographical: bays, beaches, steep cliffs and densely wooded islands = natural beauties. Weather: warm and dry summers, mild winters, sunniest town of southern Europe = equally attractive in all seasons. Activities: one of the most attractive place to sail and dive, cruise tours, hiking, naturism, aquariums = best place to go for some activities (differentiation). Cultural: Unesco world heritage site, oldest pharmacy in Europe, monasteries&palaces, political and cultural history (competition with Venice for example) = unique place to see some cultural facts. Event: St Blaise festivities, Summer Festival, Cultural Festival = differentiation by the identity of the events (associated with Dubrovnik).

37 Strengths Accommodation and Catering Transport
Infrastructure: from youth hostel to 5* hotel Price&Service: good value on price, differentiation with catering. Transport Infrastructure: airport, port, main road, railway cheap service: cheap airlines and ferries, bus service from Germany, car rental facilities = non-isolated city.

38 Strengths Public sector support organisations
Legal & Health constraints: only ID card needed, no medical constraints = easy to go there Services: Tourist centre, Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Dubrovnik Tourist Bulletin = structured tourist organisation. Promotion&Communication: Campaign “I love Croatia”, Member of European cities tourism, surveys&statistics, “Guide book for individuals” = involvement and support of the tourism industry

39 Strengths Private sector support organisations & economical support
Infrastructure: reconstruction of basic infrastructure Workforce: high unemployment, low wages = hard-working and low-paid working force Financial system: cheap currency (Kuna), credit card system well developed. Services: good local partners Promotion: website, brochures available online = direct marketing

40 Weaknesses Promotion Image of Dubrovnik in western Europe
Travel organisers: not a highlighted destination = lack of awareness Public & Private support organisation: low financial disposal = lack of communication Image of Dubrovnik in western Europe History: a new state created with a war = lack of safety ness Political geography: a still instable area = lack of safety ness Economy: an under developed country = lack of service Infrastructure: a destroyed area or rebuild area = an ugly place to stay, nothing to do

41 Weaknesses Service Political
Transport: low air traffic, low train traffic, lack of safety ness on the roads, corruption of border policemen = difficulties for a tourist to come Attractions: some of the cultural attractions have been destroyed Work force: 50% of turn-over = incompetence Political Inside Croatia: ethnical problems not solved Outside Croatia: instability of the region (Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina)

42 Threats Opportunities
Strikes in Croatia Increasing prices in Spain, Turkey, Tunisia, … Increasing safety ness and stability Privatisation bringing FDI in tourism sector Increasing awareness with extension of EU Strikes in Croatia Political instability outside Croatia Maritime borders dispute Competition with other southern Europe countries

43 Recommendation Identify the good target for Dubrovnik on adequation with the strengths and opportunities. Define a clear promotion campaign on this target. Act and re-act depending the success of the action.

44 Identify the good target
Main opportunities: Increasing transport possibilities To become the best place for sailing, diving and naturism Main threats: Political instability Competition with other Southern Europe countries Main strengths: Variety of natural attractions Cheap prices Weather attraction Main weaknesses: Lack of awareness Difficult access Adults between 30 and 50, income between 10k to 15k pounds, without children, avoiding mass tourism and looking for sailing, diving and/or naturism in wild islandsTraveller (Pearce 82) They are not frightened by the image of Croatia and looking for new places

45 Promotion Campaign Specialist tour operator
Organise sailing/ diving events Advertisements in magazines Create Tourism Offices around Europe

46 Tourism nowadays …visitors a year
TALC:Local Control Stage (Involvement) Plog´s tourist types: Near Psychocentrics Specialist tour operators & individuals

47 Summary X Games Saltaire / Shipley Glen Croatian coast: Dubrovnik

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