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Ernst Oberortner Vienna University of Technology.

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1 Ernst Oberortner Vienna University of Technology


3 December 2008 Agenda 3 Problem Background Our Approach Study Details Study Results Future Work Conclusion

4 December 2008 Cliquez pour modifier le style du titre PROBLEM 4

5 December 2008 PROBLEM 5

6 December 2008 PROBLEM 6 Domain Experts High level of abstraction, domain-specific concepts IT Developers Low level of abstraction, technical-, technology-, platform-specific implementations

7 December 2008 Cliquez pour modifier le style du titre BACKGROUND 7

8 December 2008 Domain-Specific Languages (DSL) 8 tailored for narrow domain e.g. SQL multiple levels of abstractions business vs. technical experts

9 December 2008 Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD) 9 Functionality vs. Technology Different Levels of Abstractions Business Level: no technical knowledge Technology not important IT Level: multiple technologies collaboration between technologies changing permanently (e.g. versions)

10 December 2008 Cliquez pour modifier le style du titre OUR APPROACH 10

11 December 2008 MDSD-based DSL 11

12 December 2008 Our Approach 12 Design decisions/Trade-offs MDSD-based DSLs basic SOA concerns e.g. controlflow, informationflow extensional SOA concerns e.g. transactions, human interactions non SOA concerns e.g. pageflow of Web applications

13 December 2008 Claims 13 systematic development approach multiple levels of abstractions domain experts IT experts extension/integration points

14 December 2008 View-based Modeling Framework (VbMF) 14

15 December 2008 15 View-based Modeling Framework (VbMF)

16 December 2008 Pageflow of Web UIs 16

17 December 2008 Study Results 17 Claims: systematic development approach process-driven and non-process driven SOA separation into high- and low-level DSLs domain and IT experts enhance understandability and readability reduce complexity

18 December 2008 Study Results 18 Design Decisions: DSL syntax language model High-level models low-level models multiple models one model

19 December 2008 Study Results 19 Trade-Offs: Separation into high- and low-levels redundancy in languages inconsistencies overlapping concerns Detailed separation complex model merging less understandable and readable DSLs

20 December 2008 Cliquez pour modifier le style du titre FUTURE WORK 20

21 December 2008 FUTURE WORK 21 more experiments process-driven SOA non-process-driven SOA non SOA more design decisions/trade-offs more evaluation

22 December 2008 Cliquez pour modifier le style du titre CONCLUSION 22

23 December 2008 CONCLUSION 23 Problem domain vs. IT experts MDSD-based DSLs Study Details & Results Design decisions/Trade-offs Three experiments Future Work

24 December 2008

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