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2 Overview History Introduction 5 Function Advantages and Disadvantages
Conclusion References

3 History Pen style personal networking gadget created in 2003 by Japanese technology company NEC. The designer of 5 pen technology Toru Ichihash The P-ISM was first featured at the ITU Telecom World held in Geneva, Switzerland

4 P-ISM include five function
CPU pen Communication pen with cellular phone function Virtual Keyboard Small projector Camera These components are connected with one another through short-range wireless technology

5 Block Diagram

6 CPU pen The functionality of cpu is done by this pen
It is also known as computing engine It works with window operating system

7 CPU pen components Control Unit:It will not execute the program instructions ;rather ,it directs the other parts of the system to do so Microprocessor: Previous generations CPU were implemented as discrete components with numerous small IC . Microprocessors on other hand are CPU manufactured on very small number of ICs

8 Clock Rate : The speed at which microprocessor execute the instruction
Operation: There are four steps nearly all CPUs use in there operation fetch,decode,execute, and write back. Clock Rate : The speed at which microprocessor execute the instruction

9 Communication pen Wireless Bluetooth technology
Connected to the internet with cellular phone function Exchange the information through wirelss communication

10 Communication pen contd…
Bluetooth : Uses radio technology called frequency-hopping spread sprectrum ,which chops up the data being sent and transmits chunks of it up to 79 bands . Packet based protocol with master-slave structure

11 Communication pen contd…
IEEE Is a standard for implementing wireless local area network.It uses frames for transmission of data. Control frames includes: Acknowledgement Request to Send Clear to Send

12 LED Projector LED Projector is used as monitor A4 Size is used
Resolution capacity is 1024*768 approx It gives more clarity

13 Projection technologies
CRT projector uses cathode ray tubes ,it typically involves a blue, green and red tube.It is a bulky one. LCD projector uses LCD light gates.this is the simplest system ,making it one of the most common and afforable for home theaters and business use.

14 Virtual Keyboard Virtual laser keyboard is a new gadget
It emits laser on desk Uses laser beam to generate full- size perfect keyboard

15 Virtual keyboards in security considerations
The use of on screen keyboard on which the user types with mouse click can increase yhe risk of password disclosure by shoulder surfing. In those cases we can use virtual keyboard

16 Digital Camera It is usefull in video recording,video conferencing simply as a web cam 360 degree visual communication device

17 Battery It is the most important part in portable type of computers
Usually batteries are small in size The type of battery is used here is lithium ion battery For normal uses it can be used for two weeks. The storage device is of the type tubular holographic which is capable of storing The use of lithium ion battery will reduce cost factor

18 Portable Feasible Wi-Fi technology we can use Ubiquitous computing
Advantages Portable Feasible Wi-Fi technology we can use Ubiquitous computing

19 Current unclear Positioning Cost Battery
Disadvantages Current unclear Positioning Cost Battery

20 Conclusion The communication devices are becoming smaller and compact . 5 pen pc technology is one of the advanced portable PC that is easy to carry even in our pocket and work with it any where we want.



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