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Motor Skills Development

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1 Motor Skills Development
The “how to’s” and intervention


3 The development of motor skills
Development of motor skills proceeds according to the laws that govern physiological maturation of children. The development of movement patterns progress from simple arm or leg actions to highly integrated total body coordination. The rate of development depends not only on quality of environmental stimulus but also on the stage of brain development

4 Gross Motor skills Involves the use of large muscles in the : Neck
Trunk Arms Legs

5 Gross motor skills Includes basic body movements: Lifting the head
Rolling Crawling Walking Running Leaping Jumping Hoping Skipping Climbing Pushing Pulling Hanging

6 Gross motor skills There are major development milestones
90% of children reach these milestones within 2-3 months of the average age for each milestone

7 Gross motor skills Milestones:


9 Fine Motor skills Involves more precise movements of small muscles:
Eyes Speech musculature Hands Fingers Feet Toes

10 Fine motor skills Movements and fine motor activities: Blinking
Focusing Sucking Grasping Releasing Pinching Writing

11 Fine Motor skills Skills of fine motor: Cutting Copying
Stringing beads Pasting

12 Fine motor skills Milestones:

13 The “how to’s” of helping children develop motor skills
Gross motor: Early childhood gives children the time and practice for emerging skills to become accomplished What can you do to help? Provide the stimulation needed Provide safe environments

14 The “how to’s” of helping children develop motor skills
Fine Motor: Practice pays off! Provide ample opportunities for children to practice Useful tools/ activities: Building blocks Scissors Puzzles Beads for stringing Crayons/ markers

15 Physical therapy intervention
There are a number of widely differing therapeutic techniques: Exercise Skill instruction Adaptive devices Drug therapy Surgery

16 Physical therapy intervention
Physical therapists main concerns: Large muscle movements Gross motor activities

17 Physical therapy intervention
Physical therapists need to continue to utilize the Neurodevelopment Treatment Approach (NDT) Requires extensive training Basic principals and practical application can be used by both parents and teachers under physical therapists guidance

18 Motor Skills development
Fine and gross motor skills How to help children develop these skills Physical therapy intervention Gross and fine motor skills are essential to the healthy development of children. If a child is not meeting the milestones it is imperative to seek help through intervention.

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