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Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services.

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1 Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

2 Metro Guard has been a local pest control company serving the Dallas/DFW market since 1991. We feel the main thing that has kept us in business for over 25 is due to the fact our WORK philosophy is different from most. We have gained the trust of so many because we do the best job we can do, we are proud of what we do and we do what we say we’ll do! We are proud to have been providing pest control services for Residential homes, condos and apartments as well as Commercial offices, showrooms, restaurants, warehouses and medical facilities. We use proven techniques and products that ensure a safe and effective elimination of your pest problem.pest control

3 Metro Guard provides rodent, pest and termite control services for many large facilities including food handling areas. We have valued residential and commercial customers in every suburb and major city throughout the DFW metroplex. We feel you don’t get that kind of loyalty just from advertising. You get it from EARNING the trust of your customers.termite control Services We Offer You can schedule at any time that is convenient for you. We are providing services monthly, quarterly or annually based on your pest control needs. Some businesses require same day service which our fleet of 30 vehicles we are one of the few companies that can provide that level of service.

4 Bed Bug Elimination Bed bugs aren’t considered to be dangerous since they have not been shown to transmit disease. But these small, night time, blood- feeding insects can damage your reputation and your bottom line, and in the home YUCK! No one wants little bugs crawling over us and actually feeding on our blood as we sleep. To most people, (including us), that is just disgusting. We know the steps necessary to professionally eradicate an infestation. It is not an easy process. Bed Bugs are very difficult to eliminate so they do not return. A spray can sold over the counter just isn’t enough to get rid of the ones you can see and the ones you can’t.

5 To totally eradicate the problem for good, the right chemicals need to be applied in the right places and the process must be done properly to make sure you’re not sleeping with these little parasites again in the near future We clean up after our service, leaving your home/facility appearing untouched We follow up our service with planned return inspections and applications We back our work with an industry leading warranty We give the same level of service to Residential and Commercial customers

6 Rodent Control – Commercial Services Rodent control for businesses varies greatly from residential control. So, we offer: A thorough inspection of your facility focusing on harborages, entry points and sanitation Identification of the type of rodents you are dealing with – mice, rats or both Identification of corrective measures including sanitation and structural corrections A warranty plan that gives you peace of mind that your problem will be solved.

7 Termite Control – Commercial Services Our Commercial Team specializes in providing termite protection to all commercial properties in Dallas, Fort Worth and throughout the DFW area. Without termite protection, termite infestations can cause the kind of damage that can create unplanned expenses that can dramatically affect your bottom line. General Pest Control – Commercial Services Our pest control service is not only designed for your location, but for the pest pressure from surrounding buildings or vacant land.

8 Contact Us Metro Guard Termite and Pest Control 1100 W Pipeline Rd Hurst, Texas, 76053 Fort Worth: 817-572-3995 Mid Cities: 817-468-2847 Dallas: 972-468-2847 Please Visit Us:

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