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Apuntes: El alfabeto español

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1 Apuntes: El alfabeto español
tilde Apuntes: El alfabeto español Sustantivo (noun) Adjetivo The Spanish Alphabet Adjective Noun Names of languages in Spanish will be lower case. Notice the adjective and noun placement.

2 Los vocales: the vowels
A- That is both awkward and awesome at the same time! E- The incredible edible egg. I- Eek! I hate feet! O- Okay! U- Dude! You’re such an uber-goober! Pronunciation of the vowels will never change. They only have 1 pronunciation. Compare that with English… Read, read, red Neighbor, father, ate, apple The silent “e” does not exist in Spanish! English: Late, Case Presente Staccato Short and crisp

3 Los consonantes: the consonants B-D
B: Be* (be grande/larga) Boy Ba Be Bi Bo Bu C: Ce Soft “C” when followed by an E or an I… “cell phone” Hard “C” when followed by an A, O or U… “cat” Ca Ce Ci Co Cu Ch: Che Change Cha Che Chi Cho Chu D: De Dear Da De Di Do Du

4 Los consonantes: F-J E F: efe G: ge H: hache I J: jota Female
Fa Fe Fi Fo Fu G: ge Hard “G” when followed by a A, O, U or a consonant… “grade” “H” sound when followed by and E or I… “hello” Ga Ge Gi Go Gu *Guerra …“gate” *Guisantes …“geese” H: hache ALWAYS SILENT! … “Humble, Texas” Ha He Hi Ho Hu I J: jota “H” sound all the time… “Hello” Ja Je Ji Jo Ju 2nd period finished j

5 Los consonantes: K-M K: ka L: ele Ll: elle M: eme Kitten
Ka Ke Ki Ko Ku Borrowed letter L: ele Land La Le Li Lo Lu Ll: elle Tortilla or Yell Lla Lle Lli Llo Llu M: eme Mommy Ma Me Mi Mo Mu

6 Los consonantes: N-Q N: ene Ñ: eñe O P: pe Q: cu Nope Na Ne Ni No Nu
Canyon Ña Ñe Ñi Ño Ñu Aviso (Warning) Ano is not año! Be careful! One is a body part and the other means “year.” O P: pe Papa Pa Pe Pi Po Pu (Go ahead and giggle.) No burst of air Q: cu Haiku Qua Que Qui Quo Qu Kay and Key 6th period finished q

7 Los consonantes: R-T R: ere Rr: erre S: ese T: te U Pot o’ Tea trick*
Para ti Ra Re Ri Ro Ru Rr: erre Rolled* Rra Rre Rri Rro Rru S: ese Sea Sa Se Si So Su T: te Tea Ta Te Ti To Tu No burst of air U

8 Los consonantes: V-Z V: uve* (ve, be chica/corta)
Boy Va Ve Vi Vo Vu W: doble u (doble v, uve doble*) Whatever Wa We Wi Wo Wu Borrowed letter X: equis (ks) or “S”… “Taxi” Y: i griega (ye*) Yellow Ya Ye Yi Yo Yu Z: zeta “S” sound not “Z” sound… “Saint” Za Ze Zi Zo Zu

9 ¿Sabes? In 1994, the Spanish alphabet was revised to eliminate most of the compound letters. Therefore, the Spanish alphabet has all the letters of the English alphabet except for the additional ñ. Most dictionaries still adhere to the traditional letters. Many Latin American countries have not decided to follow Spain’s lead in this matter. These traditional letters are used when spelling aloud. It is important to know the original standard Spanish alphabet.

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