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ECDL: PowerPoint Lesson 1: Themes.

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1 ECDL: PowerPoint Lesson 1: Themes

2 By the end of the lesson GOOD
You will be able to change to the slide master view You will be able to add an image which appears on every slide and customise the fonts, colours and backgrounds of the general slide layout BETTER You will be able to customise additional slide layouts BEST You will know how to save as a PowerPoint theme By the end of the lesson

3 Starter Find the PowerPoint key words in the wordsearch Click HERE
As you find them think about what the words mean. How many do you know? Starter

4 Task Design a theme for a teacher’s guide
Include: A picture on every slide A background (this does not have to be the same throughout) A font scheme Colour fills Save the presentation as PowerPoint Guide for Teachers Save the presentation as an Office theme Task

5 Creating Master Slides

6 Creating Master Slides
How you make this text look is how it will look throughout your PowerPoint. Choose colours and fonts carefully!

7 Creating Master Slides

8 Review Open your PowerPoint Guide for Teachers
Create a title slide and 3 slides in the guide: How to open slide master view How to add pictures and customise the different layouts How to save as a theme HINT: Look at the example on Moodle. You will need to make your own version Review

9 Questions Why is it useful creating your own theme?
How do I delete an image that appears on every slide? How do I use a theme that someone else has made? What are the most common slide layouts? Anything else..? Questions

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