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N.E.C. Installation Techniques and Common Violations

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1 N.E.C. Installation Techniques and Common Violations
The following information is based on the 2014 National Electrical Code Presented by: Edward D. Mathieu State Electrical Inspector

2 Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter Protection
NEC 210.8(A)(1) through (10) Dwelling Units Bathrooms Garages Outdoors Crawl spaces Unfinished basements Kitchens (countertop surfaces) Sinks (within 6 feet) Boathouses

3 New GFCI Requirements for Bathtubs or Shower Stalls

4 New GFCI requirements for Laundry Areas

5 New GFCI Requirements for Dishwashers

6 GFCI Circuit Breaker This will protect all outlets supplied by the branch circuit.

7 GFCI Receptacle A duplex receptacle with integral GFCI that also protects downstream loads.

8 Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection
NEC (A) Dwelling Units Kitchens (2014) Family rooms Dining rooms Living rooms Parlors Libraries Dens Bedrooms Closets Hallways Laundry rooms (2014)

9 Common Approved Arc-Fault Installations
NEC (A)(1) A listed combination-type circuit breaker installed at the panel to protect entire circuit.

10 Arc-Fault Branch and Feeder Circuit Breaker
NEC (A)(2) Requires AFCI circuit breaker and AFCI device NEC (A)(2)

11 Common Approved Arc-Fault Installation Technique
NEC (A)(4) Listed circuit breaker with AFCI device installed at first outlet. Cable from panel to first outlet (home run) is restricted to 50 Ft. for #14 and 70 Ft. for #12


13 Summary of Arc-Fault Requirements
The following rooms/areas do not require AFCI protection. Basement (unless used as a space requiring AFCI) Outdoor Bathrooms In each room listed as requiring arc-fault all devices must be protected.

14 Readily Accessible NEC 100 Accessible, Readily
Capable of being reached for operation, renewal, or inspection without requiring those to whom ready access is requisite to actions such as to use tools, to climb over or remove obstacles, or to resort to portable ladders, and so forth.

15 Branch Circuits Requiring GFCI and AFCI Protection.
Install combination type AFCI in panel and GFCI as first device in circuit. Install circuit breaker listed as dual purpose. Install device listed as dual purpose.

16 AFCI and GFCI Circuit Breaker and Device

17 Exception to AFCI Requirement
NEC (B) exception AFCI protection is not required where an extension to an Existing circuit is less than 6 Ft. and does not include any additional outlets or devices. Service entrance upgrades often utilize this exception.

18 Receptacles NEC 406.12(A) Dwelling Units
All non-locking 125 volt,15 and 20 amp receptacles shall be listed tamper-resistant receptacles. All areas as specified in

19 Outdoor Receptacles Wet locations
NEC 210.8(A)(3) All 15 and 20 ampere, 125 volt require GFCI protection. NEC 406.9(B)(1) All 15 and 20 ampere,125 and 250 volt non- locking receptacles shall be listed as weather resistant.

20 Outdoor Receptacles NEC 406.9(B)(1)
All 15 and 20 ampere receptacles will have an outlet cover listed as “extra duty”

21 The Grounding Electrode System
NEC All of the following grounding electrodes that are present at a building must be bonded together to form the grounding electrode system. Metal underground water Pipe. Metal frame of building or structure Concrete encased electrode Ground Ring Rod and Pipe electrodes Plate electrodes Other local metal underground systems Other listed electrodes

22 Concrete-Encased Electrode
Sometimes referred to as the Ufer ground. Named after its inventor Herbert G. Ufer Added to the NEC in 1968 Required in the NEC in 1978

23 Components that Qualify as a Concrete Encased Electrode
20 Ft. of rebar not less than ½ inch, one continuous length or multiple pieces tied together with tie wire or other effective means. A minimum of 20 Ft. of bare copper conductor no smaller than # 4. Both methods require a # 4 copper conductor from the concrete encased electrode to the main disconnecting means.

24 Approved Methods to Connect Concrete-Encased Electrode

25 Listed for Concrete/Rebar and Direct Burial

26 Supporting of Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable (Romex)
NEC Within 12 inches of every outlet box, junction box, cabinet or fitting support must be provided. Type NM cable must be supported every 4.5 feet on a long run. NEC (C) exception Single gang plastic boxes must be supported within 8 inches of the box.

27 Non-metallic Sheathed Cable installed Through Bored Holes
NEC 300.4(A) Type NM cable must maintain 1-1/4 inches from the nearest edge of the wood framing member. If 1-1/4 inches cannot be maintained a steel plate at least 1/16 of an inch thick will be installed to cover the area.

28 Nail Plates

29 NM Cable Supported on 2x4

30 Cable Stackers

31 Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable Passing Through Holes in Wood Framing
NEC Ampacity of type NM cable is determined by Where more than two cables are installed in drilled holes that are sealed with insulation, caulk or foam ampacity adjustments from Table (B)(3)(a) apply.

32 Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable Installed in Contact with Thermal Insulation
NEC Ampacity of type NM cable is determined by Where more than two cables are installed in thermal insulation without maintaining spacing ampacity adjustment from Table (B)(3)(a) apply.

33 Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable Bundled
NEC Type NM cable is subject to the ampacity adjustments of Table (B)(3)(a).

34 Heat Pumps

35 Basic Heat Pump Installation
All installers need to have a EPA license Can be installed by Electricians, Master and journeyman oil technicians. (Residential) A disconnect is required at each outdoor unit. A service receptacle is required within 25 feet of the outdoor unit.(exception for one and two family dwellings) The wiring between the outside unit and inside unit needs to be UF Cable, Liqua-tite, or PVC Jacketed MC Cable. Using Type TC-ER or CL-3R cable is a code violation.

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