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¿Qué hacemos esta noche?

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1 ¿Qué hacemos esta noche?
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2 ¿Qué hacemos esta noche?
In this lesson you will learn to: Describe places and events in town Talk about types of transportation Say what you are going to do Order form a menu Use the verb ver, ir a + infinitive Use stem-changing verbs: 0-ue Use stem-changing verbs: e-ie

3 Repaso To talk about what you are going to do, use a form of ir a + infinitive. ¿Qué van a hacer ustedes? -What are you going to do? Vamos a mirar una película. We are going to watch a movie.

4 Translate What are you going to eat?
I am going to eat a salad and chicken. They are going to eat vegetables with fish. We are going to eat cake for desert. You are going to the waiter to ask how much it costs.

5 Oral-activity Choose a topic to talk about:
Movie/theatre-What is your favorite movie and why? With whom do you go with? What kinds of movies you like? Restaurant-what is your favorite restaurant and why? With whom do you go with? What to you usually eat there? Park-What park to you go to? What do like to do there? With whom do you go with? Concert-What was your favorite concert and why?With whom do you with to concerts? What kind of music do you like.

6 Stem-changin o-ue Remember that stem-changing verbs have regular –ar, -er, and –ir endings. O-ue Poder: (to be able to, can) puedo podemos puedes podéis puede pueden Other verbs that stem-change o-ue: almorzar, costar, dormir, encontrar, volver.

7 Put the correct stem-change verb in on the present tense
Vamos a ___________en el restaurante “Pepito” hoy. ______a la una de la tarde. (to have lunch) Yo no_____ir al cine pero_____ir al centro comercial mañana contigo. (to be able to) ¿Tú ______ocho horas por día? Mi amigo solo _____ seis horas. (to sleep) Mamá, yo no_____mis libros. ¿Me ayudas _________mis libros?(to find)

8 Stem-changing e-i Servir: to serve sirvo servimos sirves servís sirve sirven Another verb that stem-changes e-i is pedir. Yo pido la hamburguesa con papas fritas. *The verb pedir means to ask for.

9 Translate You ask for the chicken. They order the rice.
The waiter serves the cake. My grandfather wants to ask for the vegetables. You all serve the fish with potatoes.(Peru) We ask for the steak. You serve the salad. You all order the desert. (Spain)

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