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Who fought the Battle of Hastings in 1066? What was the significance of that Battle and where was it fought?

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1 Who fought the Battle of Hastings in 1066? What was the significance of that Battle and where was it fought?

2 Who brought common law and trial by jury to England? Who was forced to sign the Magna Carta? What did the document do? What did it create? Who triggered the 100 years’ war? Why? What was a result of the Hundred Years’ War? What French family dynasty King expanded its Kingdom?

3 What woman unified France at Orleans and then was burned at the stake as a martyr? What King/Queen duo unified Spain? What term do we call it when they removed the Moors/Jews from Spain? What Spanish King expanded the Spanish empire to the Western Hemisphere? What Russian ruler overthrew the Mongols? What did he call himself? What religion did he choose to unify them and why?

4 What are the 5 events of the Crusades? – Who asked for help? – Who called for the crusade? – What city was first captured by Christians? – What are the crusader states? – What crusader state was immediately recaptured? – What Islamic general recaptured Jerusalem in the 3 rd crusade? – Who had a truce with the Islamic general where Christians could visit the city? – Who sponsored the sack of Constantinople by Western crusaders which is the 5 th event? Why? What did this lead to?

5 Effects of Crusades – What are the 4 effects of the crusades Weakened who and strengthened who? Stimulated what throughout where? Bitterness of what? Weakened what empire?

6 Mongol Armies were first lead by what leader? Where did they invade? Know the picture of map on ppt. What great grandson lead as ruler of Yuan dynasty of China? What did he do for China under dynasty? What European helped him rule from Venice? What were some of the unsuccessful things he did?

7 Constantinople fell to the ??? In ????? Ending the ???? Empire. The new capital name is now known as ?????.

8 Black Death: – Where did it originate? – Who spread it and how? – When did it occur? And where in Europe? – Why does it not spread everywhere? List the impacts of the Black Death (5 of them)**

9 Church Scholars were the few who could read and write and worked in monasteries and translated works into Latin from Greek and Arabic New Knowledge available in Philosophy, Medicine and Science Laid foundations for universities in Europe– Bologna/Sorbonne

10 Economic Effect of Crusades – Increased what? – Stimulated production of what? – Encouraged use of ? And ? – Important Economic Concepts Church was against the use of ???? Which helped to secularize Italy. What is this??? And how did they get around it?

11 Economic Concepts continued – Letters of ??? Served to expand the supply of money and ???? Trade – New accounting and bookkeeping practices (use of ????) were introduced.

12 What were the 3 main Italian city states of the Renaissance? KNOW their location on a map. Which one had the de Medici banking family? What was the political set up of the city states of Italy during the renaissance? What does Renaissance mean? Where did the Renaissance begin?

13 Who wrote the Prince? What was this book about? Why did he write it? What two works did Leonardo da Vinci create? What two works did Michelangelo create? Who wrote sonnets and was a humanist scholarship? What are three characteristics of humanism? Who supported the Renaissance arts?

14 What was the difference between Medieval art and Renaissance Art? Northern Renaissance was different from Italian Renaissance in that it incorporated Christianity in with humanism/secular over time. Portrayed both religious and secular subjects. Who invented the movable type printing press and what impact did that have? What item was printing on that in the vernacular which led to another event? What is vernacular?

15 Who wrote The Praise of Folly and what is it about? Who wrote Utopia and what is about? KNOW YOUR PRETEST!

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