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Designing A Webquest Created by Lynne Schalman and Steve Bergen

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1 Designing A Webquest Created by Lynne Schalman and Steve Bergen
The Original Teaching Comapny

2 Establish Technical Skills
Copying and Pasting the URL into a word processor or Copying and Pasting graphics and text Correct Saving (into webquest folder) using the Rule of 3 or 4 Correct Attributions

3 Choose a Topic Explore other webquests
See webquest index page of Teaching Company Go to or www. Enter a topic or keyword plus the word webquest for example at Altavista, type "genetics" +webquest or Macbeth webquest Go to Bernie Dodge's Suggestion list and read his Task Design Sheet

4 Topic Considerations Read Bernie Dodge's Taxonomy of Tasks
Consider the final project: a special hook a mock trial a newspaper a Powerpoint or Hyperstudio presentation a persuasive speech on a soapbox a creative design or project a town council meeting a debate a fictional journal a documentary

5 Using the Webquest Template
Bernie Dodge Original webquest page Training Materials has webquest information and design help Template page has a variety of formats and styles Choose "Save this file to disk" to download Unzip or Unstuff the files into a folder created for the webquest Read Anatomy of Webquest Template

6 Working with Dodge Template
Edit with Netscape Composer Download from Frontpage or PageMill MS Word Do not use Clarisworks view the edited files in Netscape Navigator (have both Navigator and Composer open in separate windows)

7 Working with Dodge Template
first open application (Composer, etc.) then open first file: top.htm to enter the title then open Introduction.htm, task.htm, process.htm, etc The file "index.htm" is the most important file in the template folder. Do not touch it. Its preset functions control the placement of all the templates and their various parts. all files that begin with "T" are for the teacher page

8 Graphics with Dodge Template
Remember to correctly attribute source Save graphics in the "Images" folder within the webquest folder Use the Save image as or Download file to disk feature when importing graphics from the web (Do not Copy Images) Go to For copyright friendly images, go to Pics4Learning or

9 Try a different Template
Try Register and then explore the available templates Click on webquest to view online templates Use the wizlets menu to create interactive test questions, games and other activities

10 Find Resources Explore the curriculum links at Summercore
Differentiate between a search engine and a search directory Explore Searchenginewatch for searching tips Read Summercore Primer Chapter 14 Go to a school oriented index page Awesome library Blue Web or Teachers First

11 Saving Your Links For remote access to favorites, try
Save links in the file "Mylinks.htm" found in the "Myfiles" folder-open this page with composer to add entries Drag URLs from one window onto the Mylinks page For direct entry onto the template, use the Link feature in your software

12 Posting The entire folder of the webquest must be ftped to the server or posted on the intranet the start page is index.htm or index.html

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