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Political Participation Working Group I Innsbruck-ADICE9/11/07.

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1 Political Participation Working Group I Innsbruck-ADICE9/11/07

2 Right to vote Right to vote exclusively reserved to French citizens (except for local elections and the european parlementary) Foreign residents can be elected in school councils, labor unions, social security councils, associate in the mayor council (e.g. City of Mons-en-Baroeul, 1986)

3 Right to vote Right of foreign residents to vote Public and political debate since 25 years Has been proposed but never adopted Renewal Today after the 2005 riots, mainly with local initiative (e.g. « votation citoyenne by the L.D.H)

4 Constitution Constitution of 1958 « Are electors, in the conditions determined by the law, all the national french adults of both sex, enjoying their civic and political rights » The universal suffrage always rejected foreign vote

5 Political rights and integration « To exist, is to exist politicaly » A. Sayad 6000 local associations of migrants, but not well represented & not often consulted Political reaffirmation of young migrants thanks to local associations (e.g. collectif des sans papiers) Governmental body Haut Conseil à lintégration

6 Committee for refugies Public organizations: OFPRA (French office for the protection of refugees and stateless) ANAEM: National Agency for the welcome of foreigners and migrations Local and active organization: France Terre dAsile

7 Merci / Danke Grazie / Gracias

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