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Sumi-e: Ink Painting. DRAGON SCROLLS The secret of ink on Paper.

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1 Sumi-e: Ink Painting

2 DRAGON SCROLLS The secret of ink on Paper

3 DRAGON SCROLLS Ink painting is a type of brush painting also known as wash painting or by its Japanese name Sumi-e Only Black ink, the same used in East Asian calligraphy is used, in various concentrations 墨絵 These are the Japanese Characters for Sumi-e. Try to copy them on your paper.

4 DRAGON SCROLLS DEFINITIONS- Scroll- a roll of paper used as a support for painting or writing Ink- a liquid media with pigment used for writing, printing, or drawing Wash- a thin see-through layer of pigment Calligraphy- the art of lettering using brushes or pens Concentrations- the amount of water in a wash- more water means a lighter wash Dragon- a legendary serpent-like creature found in almost all cultures

5 DRAGON SCROLLS This type of painting was first developed in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) It was introduced to Korea after the discovery of the ink and then brought by missionaries to Japan

6 DRAGON SCROLLS Many Asian ink paintings are of “Landscapes”- a picture of outdoor scenery The artists often used more water in the background and more detail in the foreground.




10 Pay close attention to the following pictures and write down some of the things you see. You may want to use similar things in your painting. Most scroll paintings are done with short, fast brushstrokes









19 Notice the direction of the text in the paintings? Traditional Chinese writing is written from top to bottom and from right to left. Modern Chinese writing usually follows the same method we use.

20 DRAGON SCROLLS Now look for characteristics of the dragons. Write down some words to describe them. Not all are from traditional scrolls, but will help you when you draw your project.




24 Dragon Scrolls



27 Your Project You will make two projects (100 pts. each) Both will be on 12”x18” paper Draw first in pencil, then ink after approval. One project will be of a Chinese Landscape The other will be of a Dragon You will be graded on: Drawing Quality Use of Media Impact Use of lettering Use of Space Both project must include some lettering

28 How to draw a dragon tutorial

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