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How To Fix Excel Error ”Problem Sending The Command To The Program” On Windows 8 / 7?

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1 How To Fix Excel Error ”Problem Sending The Command To The Program” On Windows 8 / 7? command-program-windows-8-7

2 Introduction If you are getting this error “There was a problem sending the command to the program” while you are accessing your Excel File in Windows 8/7, when you make use of Excel spreadsheet which is as shortcut on the desktop, or downloaded one etc, and you have no idea how to fix it then you need not to worry. Excel File Repair Tool is best utility that helps you to repair corrupt and damaged Excel data and files. It is professional recovery software that helps you to fix corrupt Excel (.XLS/.XLSX) files and helps you in restoring back everything (including charts, worksheet properties, cell comments, chartsheets, and other Excel data) in totally a new Excel File. command-program-windows-8-7

3 Resolution This error arises mainly whenever you try to open the Microsoft Excel Document directly by double clicking on the file. If you are getting this error while opening the Excel file then fix this error using the methods mentioned below: Method 1:  Firstly open your Microsoft Excel 2010 and then Go to Excel Options.  Then click on the Advanced tab option and then Scroll down to Bottom and in the Search Box and here you need to type “Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)“.  Now you need to Uncheck the Box. command-program-windows-8-7

4 Method 2: Search the shortcuts of the Excel and then check the boxes in the compatible mode, to this you can run the program in the compatible and run the program as an administrator and uncheck it or not. If you don’t know how to perform this task then here are mentioned steps to uncheck the compatibility mode and privilege level. Steps to Follow  Firstly right click on the Excel shortcut icon and then click on the properties option.  Then go to the Compatibility Mode tab.  Here you need to uncheck the boxes and ‘run this program in compatibility ‘ and then run this program as administrator. command-program-windows-8-7


6 To resolve this issue if you are receiving this error message when you are using MS Excel, then make use of Microsoft Fix It KB21149. It automatically Turn off and ignores other applications who uses Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) setting.Microsoft Fix It KB21149 If all the methods does not rectify your problem and if you are still getting the same issues then try to fix this error with the help of Excel File Repair Tool. It is a perfect tool that helps you to fix any type of issues that occurs with your Excel Sheet along with other important things such as format, graphs, images, hyperlinks, charts, and indentation etc. This powerful recovery tool even let you rebuilt the XLS, XLSX without any hassle. MS Excel File Repair Tool command-program-windows-8-7

7 Steps to Fix Excel Error ”Problem Sending The Command To The Program” On Windows 8 / 7 Step 1: Firstly you need to download this tool and after that you need to click on the “OK” button in order to start the process. command-program-windows-8-7

8 Step 2: Then recover the corrupt file, by clicking on the “Select file” button. You can even make use of “Look in” to search for particular file on the logical drive. command-program-windows-8-7

9 Step 3: Then you need to select corrupt files from the search list with the help of check box. Then after this click on “Select all” and hit on “Start” button and start the scanning process. command-program-windows-8-7

10 Step 4: After the scanning process completes then view your corrupt files. command-program-windows-8-7

11 Step 5: lastly you need to click on the “Start repair” button and start the repairing process. Then select the perfect location for saving the repaired excel file and then click on the “OK” button. command-program-windows-8-7

12 Conclusion Conclusion For recovering back excel files without any hassle can be possible using Excel File Repair Tool. It is the best and efficiently deals with the corrupt or damaged Excel workbooks. Excel Repair Tool makes your damaged Excel files usable again by identifying the corruption of individual objects, fixing the damage, and restoring the file back to its original form. This tool helps to repair Excel files simultaneously in a single attempt. command-program-windows-8-7

13 For More Information: problem-sending-command-program-windows-8-7 problem-sending-command-program-windows-8-7 Tool/467785436663549 tool

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