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The Hero’s Journey & Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

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1 The Hero’s Journey & Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

2 1. Ordinary World The hero is introduced in his ordinary world. – Harry lives under the staircase at the Dursley’s house.

3 2. Call to Adventure The call to adventure. – Harry receives his entrance letter into Hogwarts

4 3. Refusal of the Call Hero is reluctant – even though Harry wants to leave, the Dursley’s try to keep him prisoner!

5 4. Meeting the Mentor The hero is encouraged by the wise old man or woman. – Hagrid visits Harry at the lighthouse.

6 5. Crossing the Threshold
The hero passes the first threshold and fully enters the special world of his story for the first time. – Diagon Alley/Hogwarts express

7 6. Tests, Allies, Enemies The hero encounters tests and helpers. – Harry meets Ron & Hermione, encounters the three headed dog, the devil’s snare (plant), the broomstick challenge, the chessboard

8 7. The Innermost Cave The hero reaches the innermost cave. – He enters the chamber with the Mirror of Erised

9 8. The Ordeal (Death & Rebirth
The hero endures the supreme ordeal. – He battles with Professor Quirrel/Voldemort

10 9. The Reward/Seizing the Force
hero now takes possession of the treasure he’s come seeking – Harry takes the philosopher’s stone

11 10. The Road Back The road back. – Harry is still in trouble for sneaking out of the dorms and is in the infirmary (also Voldemort is still out there)

12 11. The Resurrection The hero emerges from the special world, transformed. – Harry is brave and more grown up than before, and Gryffindor wins the term even though it was supposed to be Slytherin.

13 12. The Return with the Elixir
Return with the elixir. – Harry returns to the Dursleys in the muggle world, armed with the knowledge that he is special, a wizard.

14 Independent Practice Now match the hero’s journey to Anthem.
Does it work? You need to think in terms of representative rather than literal.

15 Exit Ticket ACE Short answer. Is Anthem is more of a hero’s journey or a bildungsroman? Explain.

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