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Digital Gujarat Portal – Citizen User Manual. How Do I Open A Portal? Go to the URL :- Screen 1.1:-

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1 Digital Gujarat Portal – Citizen User Manual

2 How Do I Open A Portal? Go to the URL :- Screen 1.1:- The list of locations of Jan Seva Kendra is displayed on the home page. Citizen can select his location and proceed further with Login, Registration or Service. A citizen can search his location by directly typing into the textbox (A). A A

3 Screen 1.2:- Once the user selects his city / location the Home Page shown in the following 4 screens will be displayed. The citizen can view the list of services offered by Digital Gujarat Portal by Selecting the Services (A), Revenue(B)or Panchayat (C) from the menu. A A B B C C


5 How Do I Login To The Portal? Screen 2.1:- If you are already registered to this portal you can use the “login” link (A) from the home page to login and use the services. A A

6 Screen 2.1:- When the you click on the login link you will be navigated to the Login page as displayed in the following screen. If you are already having a user name and password, which is registered with us, then enter your credentials and click on “Login” button.(A) If you are a new user to this portal, then click on “Click For New Registration (Citizen)” link, it will redirect you to user registration page. (B) A A B B

7 How Do I Register To The Portal? When you click on the “Click For New Registration (Citizen)” link the you will be navigated to the Online Registration page as shown in the following screen. Screen 3.1:- Online Registration

8 For new user registration, User has to enter all the fields which are mentioned in above screen shot. Here all the fields are mandatory fields. After entering details, click on “Save” button (A) to complete your registration process. After completion of first stage registration, you will receive one time password on your mobile in order to verify your mobile number. Screen 3.2:- Online Registration page with Citizen details A A

9 After you enter the one time password in the text box (A) click on confirm button (B). Once you verify your mobile number you can proceed with the second stage of registration as shown in the following screen. Screen 3.3:- Confirmation Code for mobile number verification B B A A

10 After you enter the other details mentioned in the above screen click on the “Update Button” (A) to save your information. On completion of second stage of registration you will be redirected to the citizen profile page. Screen 3.4:-Online Registration Stage2. A A

11 On the below page you can enter your other details and update your Profile. Screen 3.5:- Citizen Profile Page.

12 How Do I Apply To The Service From Digital Gujarat Portal? The initial requirement to use the service from Digital Gujarat Portal is that the user should be registered with the portal. If you are a registered user then you can login to the portal and click on the “Request a New Service” link (A) which will take you to the page that shows all the 29 Services offered by this Common Service Portal. Screen 4.1:- Citizen Dashboard A A

13 Screen 4.2:- Services offered by common service portal

14 You can apply for any service listed in the below screen. For Example: Non-Creamy Layer Certificate When you select the Non-Creamy Layer Service the following screen will be displayed. To apply for the service click on the “Continue To Service” button (A). Screen 4.3: List of supportive documents required to apply for the service. A A

15 Screen 4.4:- The next screen will show your service ”Request ID” and “Application No.” Click on “Continue” button (A). A A

16 Screen 4.5:- Here you will enter the details mentioned on the screen and click on “Next” button (A). A A

17 Screen 4.6:- Here you will enter the details mentioned on the screen and click on “Next” button (B). If you want to edit information from previous page click on “Previous” button (C). B B C C

18 Screen 4.7:- Screen for uploading the supportive documents for the service. Here you will have to attach the copy of all the supporting documents mentioned in the form. For Example:- Residence Proof, Identity Proof, Income Proof, Caste Proof, Relationship Proof and the user’s photograph. After uploading the documents successfully you will have to select the checkbox of declaration (A) and click on the “Submit” button (B) to submit the application. A A B B

19 After successful submission of your application you can take the print of your application form and proceed further with the online payment. Screen 4.8:- Application form of Non-Creamy Layer Certificate.

20 Screen 4.9:- Payment There are two payment options: 1)Using E-Wallet 2)Using Gateway If you select the E-Wallet option the following screen will appear. Here you will have to click on the “Send OTP” Button (A) in order to make payment. A onetime password will be sent on your mobile. A A

21 Screen 4.10: Here after entering the one time password click on the “Confirm” Button (B) to complete the payment process. B B

22 What is the use of Digital Locker and how can I use it? Digital Locker is a service that provides a secure dedicated personal electronic space for storing the documents of citizens. To use digital locker click on the “Digital Locker” Link (A). Screen 5.1: Citizen Dashboard A A

23 You will be redirected to the digital locker page as shown in the screen 5.2. Screen 5.2:- Digital Locker Page C C E E D D A A B B F F

24 Here you can upload and store your documents like Identity Proof, Residential Proof, Birth Proof etc which are needed as the supportive documents to avail any service from the portal. To upload the document you will have to first select the type of document from the “Document Group” Drop down list (A). Then Select the Document Name from the “Document” Drop down list (B). Next enter the document number in the “Document No./Certificate No.” text box ( C). After that you can select the document using the browse button (D). Then click on the upload button (E). Then you have uploaded will be listed in the document list (F).

25 What is the use of E-wallet and how can I use it? E-wallet is an online payment system other then Payment gateway that you can use to make payment for the service you want to avail. To use the E-wallet you will have to visit the Jan Seva Kendra and pay the amount to the operator to recharge your E-wallet. After that you can use your E-Wallet for the payment process i.e. when you pay for the service using your E-Wallet the specific amount will be deducted from your E-Wallet. To use E-Wallet Click on the “E-Wallet” link (A).

26 Screen 6.1: Citizen Dashboard You will be redirected to the E-Wallet page as shown in the screen 6.2.

27 Screen 6.2:- E-Wallet Page A A B B Here you can make payment form the application you have made earlier by clicking in the “Pay Application Fee” button (A). You can also see your transaction history by clicking on the “Transaction History” button (B).

28 Screen 6.3:- Transaction History Page A A B B C C D D E E Here you can see the amount available in your E-Wallet (A). For the transaction history enter the date in “From Date” (B) and “To Date” (C) text box and then click on the “Show Transaction History” button. The transaction history will be displayed as shown in the above screen (E).

29 Office Login (Operator)

30 How Do I Open A Portal? Open Digital Gujarat portal – Select the city from the list shown in Pop-up window

31 Click on Login -> Office Login link. This screen will be displayed. Enter valid username / password / captcha to login into the portal.

32 How Do I view applications submitted by Citizens? Under Application category, there are multiple menus. You can view application entry screen by clicking on “Application Entry” which consists of basic user fields i.e. Type of certificate, Full name, Address etc.


34 Please enter the details on behalf the Citizen. When Citizen visits JSK or nearest ATVT center, verifies the details of citizen. Once the details are verified, enter the details of application like Name, surname, Mobile etc. Also, enter the information related to services like No of days required to complete the service request, End date of disposal, service type, service name etc.

35 How do I verify Citizens? You have to verify the details of a citizen who doesn’t want to enter ADHAAR details or doesn’t have ADHAAR card. Citizen needs to visit JSK or ATVT center for verification of his/her profile details in above case. You can check the identity proofs for example – EPIC / Ration Card / BPL, which are physically provided by the citizen. Citizen has to carry the one of the original identity proof(s) with him/her at ATVT or JSK center. Note – Once operator has verified the details of a citizen, the profile creation process for the citizen will be completed. Citizen may apply for any services available on Portal from Internet itself then after.

36 Similarly operator can send / receive / close / search the applications from Application Menu, as shown in below snapshots.

37 How do I manage Citizen Applications? In citizen menu, these are the services available. Select the service as per the citizen application status.

38 Select the application from list shown in the table or enter the application request no. in text box and click on “Show” Click on “Receive” button to receive the application of Citizen from this menu.

39 The applications received over JSK / ATVT center OR received online from citizen will be accepted here.

40 Once application is received, send to higher authority for further processing. Enter the certificate no OR scan the Barcode to get the details of the application. Application can be sent to lower authority if anything is to be corrected in the request details. Fill the information in Service detail entry menu screen to send it to higher OR lower authority for appropriate actions.

41 How do I Dispose completed Applications ?

42 Applications which are successfully completed and approved will be disposed by from here.

43 How Do I approve Citizen Profile ?

44 Profiles of citizens are searched through e-mail and approved from here. This is the same option which is also available in Application menu. Select the profile from available result which is displayed after query and approve / reject it from the screen.

45 How do I Add Money to Citizen Wallet ? Citizen can deposit money into his/her e-Wallet by paying the cash directly to JSK / ATVT center. Citizen has to provide his/her e-mail id for this.

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