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IT entrepreurship SG Deshmukh. Watch YouTube on what is Entrepreneurship

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1 IT entrepreurship SG Deshmukh

2 Watch YouTube on what is Entrepreneurship

3 Youtube on Entrepreneurship The power of Entrepreneurship(Intel )

4 YouTube: 25 characteristics of Entrepreneurs

5 Context & Environment… IT is a key deriver of an increasingly knowledge based global economy. A knowledge based economy is a sine-qua-non for leadership. IT best epitomizes what modern, resurgent and young India is capable of accomplishing. IT has been contributing substantially to the economic growth of the country. Helped in accelerating the growth momentum by enhancing efficiency, competitiveness and technological edge across sectors Synergization of IT & Management : An Opportunity Source: Draft National Policy on IT-2011 (NPIT-2011), Dept of IT, Government of India

6 Context & Environment… Indian IT industry is with 80 % revenue coming from exports. IT & ITeS sector employs over 2.5 million skilled people. Flux in global economy highlights need for constant reappraisal of strategy and imperatives for new markets. Ways to extend the reach of domestic non-IT services like engineering, education, health, security etc. Source: Draft National Policy on IT-2011 (NPIT-2011), Dept of IT, Government of India

7 Context & Environment… India stands at the cusp of development and growth Young workforce with 50 % of population below 25 years Younger generation is quick to adopt new technologies. This is our core strength

8 Emerging scenario.. Emerging technology has enabled to access services in self-service mode using mobile phones/internet/common service centers. AADHAR based electronic authentication framework - an integral part of systems providing services to people.(Jan Dhana Yojana !) Cloud computing has significantly enhanced design and roll out of services, enabled social networking and participative governance and use of e-commerce on an unprecedented scale

9 Why entrepreneurship ? Entrepreneurship creates jobs Entrepreneurship supports growth of economy Entrepreneurship provides strength to small business Entrepreneurship has a multiplier effect Sense of accomplishment

10 IT IT is inducing sweeping changes in the way people live, work, communicate, and entertain themselves Example : Flipkart,, makemytrip

11 Role of IT A tool for empowerment and gender equity A tool for unorganized sector A tool for economic planning A tool for bringing in transparency A tool for business A tool for understanding the present and future needs (Ex: Environment /Ecology)

12 IT There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. Technology is more powerful and affordable than ever Social media has made marketing and distribution easier!

13 Some areas.. Healthcare applications Mobile Education & Training Training simulators Green apps Employee Monitoring Kid Friendly and elderly friendly apps

14 Indian Success stories

15 Interesting WhatsApp crosses 800 million monthly active users, 50% bigger than global SMS Jubin Mehta | April 18, 2015 at 9:13 am Jubin Mehta -crosses-800-million-monthly-active-users/

16 Today’s situation.. India is changing and so are the aspirations of 1.2 billion people. Huge middle class, urbanized segment, highly vibrant educational sector Digital India/Make India and Made in India campaign India is today the hub of billion-dollar firms and a hot investment destination. hot investment destination Moody’s credit rating has raised India’s credit outlook to ‘positive’ from ‘stable‘ Good IT infrastructure, broadband connectivity

17 Remarks.. Typical Indian mind set Thanks to recessionary trends in 2008-9, the IT sector took a plunge “single job for life” attitude was in question ! But the robust economy and potential for domestic segment Now was the time for people to think different. And the cue came from Silicon Valley’s, and its startup culture(IIT Madras )

18 Comments..1.. It is only possible in the IT sector for anybody to come up with a brilliant new software /web based solution or an mobile app and get rich. Growth in technology and the fast growing demand for smartphones helped fuel the idea of a technology startups Social media helped in spreading the word of mouth !

19 Comments..2.. India is a young country with almost 65 per cent of the population in the age group of 25- 35 years The trend of pursuing entrepreneurial path is only going to increase The placement trend is also towards startups rather than big companies (look at IIMs/IITs)

20 Comment..3.. People who open a new business are really creative people who try to solve a problem and they make money in the process too. Entrepreneurship is all about Creativity, Innovation and Perseverance !

21 Some example.. Exciting things are happening in the ed-tech space – more applications are being built for smartphones and PCs, BodhaGuru (started by Sameer Jain) is a social enterprise that creates innovative learning products and platforms for children of ages four to 12. post_693.html post_693.html

22 Thank you

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